Friday, February 26, 2016

New Mayans releases Crimes EP today

Swiggy has lived in a multitude of wastelands. Born beneath the streets of Saint Louis, he honed his skills shouting in the sewers. He learned to play on derelict guitars and unwanted analog synthesizers that people had flushed. Writing about his eventual escape where he joined a league of Interstellar bounty hunters that call themselves, NEW MAYANS.

In 2014, they formed an alliance with members who have worked with the famous Ziggy Stardust himself, (Mario J McNulty, Earl Slick, and Sterling Campbell) recording at one of Earth’s greatest audio recording stations, The Magic Shop.

His style blends the sounds of late 70’s David Bowie and Radiohead with a hint of Vangelis creating a Sonic Brave New World. Each and every song, he logs his thoughts, adventures, and eventual devolution into madness.
His Name is Swiggy and this Orwellian Future is NEW MAYANS.
Their new EP "Crimes" is out today.

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