Monday, February 29, 2016

Quick Bits : Game Over, Good English , Gavin Chappell-Bates

Quick Bits is a new feature here at Palace of Rock, well it´s kinda the same thing as the "shortcuts" and "fourplay" columns where I collected reviews in brief.
Just a new name but don´t worry, I will continue to write traditional reviews as well.
The first Quick Bits landed with 3 artists on the letter G.

Game Over - Crimes Against Reality (2016) Characterized aggression on the menue
3rd album from the Italian thrashers that will please fans of early Metallica and Megadeth, this album is in fact a bit better than their previous album "Burst into the quiet" that received 2,5 here at the Palace.
The music is well performed and die hard fans of old school thrash metal will probably go to bed with a smile on their faces but Game Over haven´t added anything new to a genre that had it´s peak 30 years ago. Without the same muscles as Slayer for example, it´s hard to get any goosebumps from "Crimes against reality". A solid piece of work anyhow.
(+) A dose of razorsharp riffs is never wrong
(-) The music is just as unique as sand in Sahara

Good English - Good English (2016) The opposite of Bad English in more than one way
Good English are a grunge pop sister-trio from Ohio, they built their sound on garage-pop, grunge and punk-influenced rock and roll.
Fuzz guitar is an important ingredient in Good English´s raw but melodic sound, these rocking girls are a kick in the butt in the pop infected record industry so where can I send a thank you note?
The new album is self titled but hardly their first release, they debuted with the "Take control" EP in 2011 and followed up with the "Radio wires" LP in 2013.
If Courtney Love teamed up with 4 Non Blondes and recorded alternate versions of early 70´s band Fanny, the result could very well be these 11 tracks where the highlights are "Girl", "The fire walk" and "Wicked eyes".
(+) Musical candy with all the flavors of sweet, salt and sour at the same time.
(-) When they go indie over to Florence and The Machine land, I get all cold inside.

Gavin Chappell-Bates - We Are The Ones (2016) For the love of music
If you´re in the mood for some Brit rock, then look this way because Gavin Chappell-Bates has done a real nice LP in the same vein as Manic Street Preachers meets Suede.
2 songs from the We Are The Ones EP are included on the new album, the title track and the summer pop of "95" and of course 10 brand new songs where the Clash-like "Church of rock and roll" is my personal favorite.
His fragile vocal performance has improved a bit from the EP where I felt his singing was a bit weak, just listen to tracks like "All ways" and "Dead end disco streets". It´s all good.
Gavin lived with depression, anxiety and self-harm for the majority of his teenage years and twenties, music helped him to overcome this so he now loves sharing it with the world.
He calls his music effervescent emotive yin / yang indie-pop-rock, I don´t know what that means exactly but I like it.
We Are The Ones is released by R*E*P*E*A*T Records in April.
(+) These are honest and heartfelt songs
(-) The low-budget production feels like dark clouds on a clear blue sky

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