Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review : Adelitas Way - Getaway

Adelitas Way - Getaway (2016) Fuel Music
Produced by Johnny K
Tracks : 1.Bad reputation 2.Getaway 3.Good die young 4.Low 5.Put you in place 6.I get around 7.Filthy heart 8.Harbor the fugitive 9.Sometimes you´re meant to get used 10.Shame 11.Deserve this
3 out of 5

When most modern rock bands jump on the commercial bandwagon and tries to score some hits, Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way goes the other way and only care about rocking.
The new sound on "Getaway" ain´t so polished and definitely not mainstream, the band sound rougher and more like a live record made in the studio than an overproduced radio-ready effort.
All 5 tracks from the 2015 EP "Deserve this" are included on their new album along with the new single "Bad reputation" and 5 new songs, "Good die young", "Low", "Put you in place", "Getaway" and "Shame".
There´s a southern rock-feel to songs like "Shame" and "Put you in place" which is welcome and the guitars are high in the mix too so I can only applaud the guys.
Like I said in my review about the previous EP, the other songs can be described as a blend between 70´s Aerosmith and Nickelback.
Highlights : I get around, Low
Recommended if you like Buckcherry, Audioslave, Shinedown

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