Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review : AudioDamn! - EP

AudioDamn! - EP (2016) Epic Records
Produced by Ali Grumeth
Tracks : 1.Brief microsleep 2.Radar 3.Lights out 4.Give it up
3 out of 5

AudioDamn! is a new hot band to keep on your radar this year, this trio is from Austria but relocated to the U.S after signing with Epic Records in 2014.
Originally calling the band Amsterdamn, the first appetizer before the full length album is a self titled EP with the catchy single "Radar", but the 4th track "Give it up" is better.
I think it´s a groovy EP with soulful vocals from Oliver Wimmer and a well done job in the production from guitarist Ali Grumeth.
The bandmembers listen to everything from hip hop, jazz, folk to punk but the result is more of a soul rock affair that should do well on the charts, it´s a good thing that the guitar is high in the mix.
Highlights : Radar, Give it up
Recommended if you like Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw, Keywest

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