Friday, February 19, 2016

Review : Beyond The Black - Lost In Forever

Beyond The Black - Lost In Forever (2016) Airforce 1 Records
Produced by Sascha Paeth
Tracks : 1.Lost in forever 2.Beautiful lies 3.Written in blood 4.Against the world 5.Beyond the mirror 6.Halo of the dark 7.Dias Irae 8.Forget my name 9.Burning in flames 10.Nevermore 11.Shine and shade 12.Heaven in hell
3 out of 5

The German band Beyond The Black is supporting Scorpions on their 50th anniversary tour, they couldn´t have a better chance of getting their music out to the world.
The band is fronted by vocal extraordinaire Jennifer Haben, some of you might remember her amazing performance of Led Zeppelin´s "Whole lotta love" on Youtube.
Beyond The Black´s debut album "Songs of love and death" (2015) is performed by Haben and lots of studio musicians with Sascha Paeth (Kamelot, Avantasia) behind the steering wheel.
Their new album "Lost in forever" is the first album to feature all six bandmembers, the band was formed after the first album was recorded.
We´re talking bombastic modern melodic metal packaged in a crystal clear production from Sascha Paeth, yet again.
It´s a good album where the Eurometal of "Against the world" would do just fine in the Eurovision song contest, I can´t say so many of the other tracks will appeal to the audience of Eurovision but instead fans of Nightwish should look this way.
A song that grows is "Beautiful lies", where we get a taste of renaissance music. I´m guessing they´re fans of Blackmore´s Night.
Highlights : Written in blood, Dias Ira, Burning in flames
Recommended if you like The Murder of My Sweet, Royal Hunt, Teodasia

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