Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review : Broke Royals - The Luxury of Time Pt.III

Broke Royals - The Luxury of Time Pt.III (2016) Unkempt Records
Produced by Broke Royals
Tracks : 1.On my way 2.New suns 3.Young tigers 4.Love, youth and glory 5.Heartless come around 6.Outro
3 out of 5

Broke Royals are Philip Basnight - Vocals/Guitar/Synth and Colin Cross - Drums/Guitar/Bass, they deliver catchy synth-stimulated rock tunes on their 3rd release "The luxury of time Pt.III".
It´s the final EP in the Luxury series and they will start working on their LP with producer John Naclerio this year, perhaps he can add some weight to their alternative indie rock sound.
This duo do have potential to be big, some of these songs contains singalong choruses handmade for the stadiums but production-wise, they need a facelift.
Good music anyhow.
Highlights : On my way, Love, youth and glory
Recommended if you like Bastille, MGMT, Passion Pit

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