Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review : Cavo - Bridges

Cavo - Bridges (2016) Independent
Produced by Matt Noveskey
Tracks : 1.Nights 2.Just like you want it 3.Stay 4.She don´t care 5.On your own 6.Get away 7.Fight this war 8.Weather rolls 9.Traitor 10.Cynical 11.Straight to the bottom 12.Take me home
3,5 out of 5

Where to start? There are so many things I want to say about this band, the record labels might think it´s a dead end street to sign and release modern rock bands these days but good quality is always good quality and that´s where Cavo comes in.
They have released 4 albums including the latest LP "Bridges", and none of them has been a disappointment. The new album is recorded with Blue October´s bassplayer Matt Noveskey and it shows because the bass sound is terrific, play it loud in your speaker system and enjoy the groove.
"Bridges" is a safe buy, I love the entire album and discover new favorites all the time. The band is flirting with INXS in "On your own" which is an emotional song or get an injection of 80´s rock in the lovely "Get away".
Did I mention that Casey Walker is an amazing singer, no? Well, he is!
Highlights : Stay, Fight this war
Recommended if you like Collective Soul, Building 429, July For Kings

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