Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review : Driven Fear - Freethinker

Driven Fear - Freethinker (2016) Pee Records
Produced by Sam Johnson
Tracks : 1.Falling awake 2.Fireball 3.Crisis 4.Dancing with Daffodils 5.In care of Pt.2 6.Built to fire 7.A bright flash 8.The red hill 9.Hold on you 10.Stumble 11.Reach 12.The feedback loop
2,5 out of 5

Tired of syrupsweet pop and all the tragic newsreports from around the world and need to clear your mind for a while? Then I suggest you blow out the last remaining worries with Driven Fear´s new album "Freethinker".
There is only position that counts for this band, it´s either maximum overdrive or you can go home.
No time to catch your breath here, when Lemmy and Motorhead aren´t around anylonger, these guys are doing a good job at keeping the legacy alive of full throttle rocknroll.
Driven Fear was formed in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia. Their new LP "Freethinker" is the follow up to "Contender" from 2011 and even if I´m not the biggest fan of this kind of punk-ish hardcore, I do give them both thumps up for the explosive and energetic six string work.
Highlights : Crisis, In care of Pt.2
Recommended if you like Wounds, Refused, Comeback Kid

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