Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review : From Ashes To New - Day One

From Ashes To New - Day One (2016) Better Noise Records
Produced by Grant McFarland
Tracks : 1.Land of make believe 2.Farther from home 3.Lost and alone 4.Shadows 5.Downfall 6.Face the day 7.Breaking now 8.Every second 9.Through it all 10.Same old story 11.You only die once
3 out of 5

There must be more people listening to Albanian weddingmusic than rapmetal these days, this genre died along with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago but I admire the Pennsylvania based From Ashes To New´s ambition to raise the flag for the lucky few that still likes to listen new these albums.
I´m one of those.
"Day one" is the band´s debut album but it´s hardly their first release, FATN released a self titled EP in 2013 and followed up with the "Downfall" EP last year where all 4 songs are included on the new LP.
The band is fronted by Matt Brandyberry on clean vocals and Chris Musser on rap and screamo, they recently recruited their newest member Lance Dowdle on guitar from Emphatic.
So if you´re a die hard fan of active rock mixed with electronica and rap, "Day one" will probably do you good. If not, you will hate this just as much as your neighbour partying till early in the morning.
Still, I think it´s a solid album even though I believe it´s dead on arrival and the train left the station a long time ago for FATN.
Highlights : Through it all, Breaking now
Recommended if you like Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead,Tribal Ink

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