Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review : Hello, Dollface - Warrior of light

Hello, Dollface - Warrior of light (2016) Independent
Produced by Jeff Jack Jones / Hello Dollface
Tracks : 1.Movin me 2.Intuition 3.Warrior of light 4.Wake up 5.Test crash 6.Say 7.Face it 8.Carry me 9.Pieces 10.In your light
2,5 out of 5

Time to get in the smooth mood with some groovy music from Colorado based Hello, Dollface.
They deliver a crossover of R&B, soul, funk and jazz on their new album "Warrior of light", it´s always nice to hear great musicians perform together and that´s exactly what you get here.
I get the feeling this band could pull off a great jam session if you see them live on stage, the amazing vocalperformance from Ashley Edwards should be enough to get a ticket to one of their shows.
I can´t say I´m a fan of all the songs on this album, especially when they tend to get stuck in the soul-part of the music. But I really dig the funky and jazzy stuff.
I could make a really great EP out of these tracks.
Highlights : Intuition, Test crash
Recommended if you like Sade, Lisa Stansfield, Tess Henley

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