Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review : Joey Sykes - Classic New Rock

Joey Sykes - Classic New Rock (2016) Purple Virgo Records
Produced by Joey Sykes
Tracks : 1.That´s American Life 2.I go there 3.When life goes right 4.Everything must go 5.Finish line 6.It ain´t easy 7.Someone like you 8.Hide 9.In case you wanna you 10.He never cried 11.I broke my baby 12.Go all the way 13.Just like us
3,5 out of 5

When the world of music has almost gone snowblind because of computerized pop and other soulless R&B crap, you can count the releases in the power pop genre on your left hand.
The record labels wouldn´t sign an artist in this genre today even if they had a gun pointed to their head, they only care about quantity and not quality.
So therefor, I am especially happy about Joey Sykes (Coward, The Babys) and his new album "Classic New Rock". This is a reminder of how music sounded back in the day when radio played your favorite bands such as Cheap Trick, Tom Petty and The Rembrandts.
On lead vocals and guitars we find Joey himself, he has gathered some really famous names like Kenny Aronoff - Drums, Josh Freese - Drums, Nate Morton - Drums, Tony Brock - Drums, Arlan Shierbaum - Keyboards and Jamie Buhoberac - Keyboards.
Highlights : That´s American Life, When life goes right
Recommended if you like Fountains of Wayne, Marvelous 3, Swirl 360

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