Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review : Normandie - Inguz

Normandie - Inguz (2016) Independent
Produced by Normandie
Tracks : 1.Fight 2.Awakening 3.Collide 4.Believe 5.Loop hole 6.The deep cold 7.Calling 8.Starting new 9.The storm 10.Epilogue
3 out of 5

The boys in the Swedish rock band Normandie must love history, the artwork of their debut album "Inguz" is a viking rune and their bandname bring thoughts to WWII and the landing operations of the allied invasion of Normandy (termed D-Day).
The band says every song on this album is about change, first of all they´ve got a new sound from metalcore on their 4 track EP from 2013 to more mainstream modern rock / metal and even close to pop in some moments on the new album.
For example in songs like "The deep cold" and "Starting new", but it´s not the first time they flirt with modern pop, the band released a cover of Sia´s "Chandelier" in 2014 so I guess that was the start of their new direction.
"Inguz" is a competent album with plenty of singalong choruses but perhaps the production has too much of that mp3 compressed sound over it. However, it´s a new force of rock to be reckoned with.
Highlights : Believe, The Storm, Collide
Recommended if you like 30 Seconds To Mars, Smash Into Pieces, Red

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