Saturday, February 20, 2016

Review : Opia - Eon

Opia - Eon (2016) The A&R Department
Produced by Forrester Savell
Tracks : 1.One by one 2.Somethings 3.Signs 4.Eon 5.Days 6.Still standing 7.Did you notice 8.One minute ago 9.Undone 10.Commonality
4 out of 5

I have a friend that makes the most delicious Irish Coffee I have tasted, the perfect amount of Jameson, coffee, whipped cream and brown sugar. First he pours1/3 of the whiskey into a big glass, then add almost 2/3 of percolator coffee with a brewing temperature of 96 degrees Celcius of the water. Top it with real whipped cream (not the fake spray cream) and some brown sugar.
I have had Irish Coffee in Dublin, Ireland and it was superb but my friend does it better, I can enjoy the glass for almost an hour and just don´t want it to end.
It´s the same with Opia´s debut album "Eon", I don´t want it to end either.
Their music is like this lovely glass of Irish Coffee, they have the perfect amount progressive rock, modern alternative sounds and atmospheric elements.
Opia are a trio from Perth, Australia and they started worked on this album back in 2013, I can´t think of a better word to describe their music than "a thinking man´s rock".
Bands like U2, Porcupine Tree and Coheed and Cambria comes to mind while listening to "Eon". There are definitely traces of all 3 bands in Opia´s music, I am so impressed by this album and hope the world will discover this gem too.
Also available : the EP "Emotion evolution" (2010)
Highlights : Still standing, Signs, One by one
Recommended if you like Dead Letter Circus, Like Thieves, Three

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