Friday, February 12, 2016

Review : SheLoom - The Baron of The Fjord

SheLoom - The Baron of The Fjord (2016) Ray Recordings
Produced by Filippo Gaetani
Tracks : 1.America on fire 2.It takes a wrecking ball 3.Corridors 4.Prophet approximate 5.The bishops 6.Slow night light 7.Raging fire 8.Spaceship down low 9.The interloper 10.White skies 11.Moroccan mint 12.Caves and shadows
4 out of 5

Now here´s a new favorite album of mine, well you don´t get to hear this kind of music that often these days. I´m talking about the Transatlantic trio SheLoom featuring Filippo Gaetani - Vocals/Instruments, Jordon Zadorozny - Instruments/Vocals (Blinker The Star), Eric Matthews - Instruments (Cardinal) and their new album "The Baron of The Fjord".
They released their debut "Seat of the empire" in 2010 but that one slipped through my radar of some reason, but with the new record I´m a big fan.
The music is slightly progressive, jazzy and quirky 70´s pop where you can hear traces of Paul McCartney, Sad CafĂ©, Pilot and10cc. Just adorable so bravo!
Highlights : America on fire, Moroccan mint,The Interloper
Recommended if you like Todd Rundgren, Bleu, It Bites

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