Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review : State To State - Motives

State To State - Motives (2016) Independent
Produced by Ian Macgregor
Tracks : 1.My little phony 2.Arms 3.Let go 4.Kings 5.Pins and needles
3,5 out of 5

The new EP from Los Angeles based State To State grows on me for each time I listen to it, this ain´t music that follows any hitformula. This band cares more about writing songs that has a big sign saying "longevity".
Their debut "No bounds" was released in 2014 and now they follow up with the mighty strong "Motives" EP that is a pure atmospheric rock affair.
State To State blend classic rock, new wave and modern rock in a colorful mess and let me tell you. They are great painters.
Although it says that former Journey frontman Steve Perry is singing background vocals on some of their new tracks, I can´t say I can hear his unique voice but perhaps it´s not these tracks and instead something that will be released further on.
Highlights : Kings, My little phony
Recommended if you like U2, Acroma, Stir

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