Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review : Version 5 - Version 5

Version 5 - Version 5 (2015) Independent
Produced by Jeff Blue
Tracks : 1.Why don´t you drop 2.Bury you 3.Take you there
3,5 out of 5

Minneapolis based duo Version 5 features brothers Andy and Spencer Olson, it´s their 5th band if you wonder about the name.
This is a great EP and I only have one complaint, it´s too short. There should be more songs because these songs rock!
Arena rock is on the menu here, supermelodic and crunchy. Version 5 bring out the jukebox blender and mix industrial rock with mega-fat synthesizer sounds in a very cool way that reminds a bit of Ken Andrews bands Failure and Year of The Rabbit at times.
Imagine if Orgy got the offer to write soundtrack music to a Top Gun sequel, it could very well be the first track "Why don´t you drop". Awesome!
Highlights : Why don´t you drop, Take you there
Recommended if you like The Urge, Family Force 5, Black Lab

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