Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review : The Von - Ei8ht

The Von - Ei8ht (2015) The Machine Records
Produced by Luis Bonilla
Tracks : 1.Nothing to fear 2.The machine 3.Cry of war 4.Love supreme 5.Atomic Sun 6.Let it out 7.Don´t forget about us 8.Ei8ht
2 out of 5

There are some good things about The Von´s debut album but there are also some less good things, I like their blend of 80´s new wave and 90´s alternative rock with a punk-ish flavor but their bandleader and singer Luis Bonilla has a voice that is more suitable in a thrashmetal band.
The instrumentation in the title track "Ei8ht" is really cool, I totally dig the suggestive atmosphere that bring thoughts to New Order meets Radiohead.
And I also like the bassgroove in "Atomic Sun" that sounds like Love / Hate´s 4 stringer Skid, too bad the harmony vocals doesn´t feel 100% right on the rest of the record.
This trio from Florida needs a push to get in the right direction, they´re off for an ok start but they can definitely improve and go up a level.
Highlights : Atomic Sun, Ei9ht
Recommended if you like The Offspring, Daytrader, Treaty of Paris

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