Thursday, March 31, 2016

The bandmembers of Constraint are enlightened by darkness

Constraint is a symphonic metal band from Modena, Italy.
The band started playing symphonic metal covers in 2011. In december 2012, the first demo was released and in 2016, the first album, ''Enlightened by Darkness''.

Eclipse Records presents Mindshift and their new album Horizon

Horizon is jam-packed with fifteen amazing tracks of mind-blowing melodic metal that’s guaranteed to offer something new, and showcase some of the best new music coming out of the Swedish metal scene today.  The title track, ‘Horizon’ is a stellar composition mixing vocal melodies and brutal guitars in the perfect proportions.  Vocalist Mao explains, “Horizon is about the senseless tragedy of things that happen in the world around us. The Charlie Hebdo attack, the brutal massacre at the Bataclan Concert Hall, the senseless wars in the Middle East, etc… One day I just asked myself, what can I do to make this world survive, prevent it from tearing itself apart?” ‘My Revenge’ is an energetic masterpiece which features Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid from SOILWORK on guest vocals. ‘Absolution’ addresses the fact that everyone has a deep dark secret which they want to repent for, so they can just start over. Last (but certainly not least), ‘A Thousand Scars’ is by far the heaviest song on the album, with crushing rhythm and beats that’ll knock you off your feet!
The new album from Mindshift is out April 29th.


Psych-grunge-rockers Psychedelic Porn Crumpets drop debut album

Perth’s psych-grunge-rockers Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are ready to drop their highly anticipated debut album High Visceral {Part 1}. It is a powerful, melody driven full-length album that takes you on a convoluted journey of clarity through the exploration of the modern universe and the ever-evolving ideologies of creation.
Listen to the first single Marmalade March.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sick Puppies release new single Stick To Your Guns tomorrow

Sick Puppies will release their new single Stick To Your Guns on March 31, the song is taken from the band´s upcoming album and it´s the first to feature new lead singer Bryan Scott.

Tremonti releases new track My Last Mistake on iTunes

It´s a good year for Tremonti fans, first of all, his new album Dust drops on April 29 including the new single My Last Mistake, now available on iTunes.

And secondly, his band Alter Bridge is currently working on studio album no.5 for a release later in 2016.

Chaos Divine premieres Badge of Honour video

Chaos Divine is a progressive heavy rock band from Perth, Australia. The band premieres new video Badge of honour from their latest album Colliding Skies, out now.

Post hardcore newcomers Ghosts Again announce new EP

North Carolina newcomers, Ghosts Again are set to release their new 5-track EP The Closest Thing To Closure on April 22nd and will be available on all online music retailers.

Ghosts Again is a post hardcore outfit, sonically booming with agressive, "in your face" riffs, and antemic, emotionally driven melodies. Formed from the ashes of former projects, these three musicians have come togerher to push each other to their limits to create a sound that's all their own.

Check out the new song Pant´s Division from the upcoming EP here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review : Space Elevator - Space Elevator

Space Elevator - Space Elevator (2016) Cargo Records
Produced by The Duchess / David Young / Adam Vanryne
Tracks : 1.Elevator 2.We are the losers 3.I will find you 4.Ordinary day 5.Little white lies 6.Loneliness of love 7.More than enough 8.Really don´t care 9.Oils and bubbles 10.We can fly 11.Move on
3,5 out of 5

Is this a new wave of pomp rock we are about to witness with new bands like Space Elevator, Cats In Space, Dani Rosenoer and Lost Van Goghs? Perhaps it´s too early to tell.
The Brits in Space Elevator are led by The Duchess - Lead Vocals and David Young - Guitars, their self titled debut also features the guest musician Neil Murray (ex.Whitesnake) on bass.
The album is a classic rock affair, wrapped up in 70´s pomp and 80´s AOR, where the vocal performance from The Duchess is a true joy to listen to from start to finish.
The song "Loneliness of love" is a twin to REO Speedwagon´s "Keep on loving you", I don´t think Kevin Cronin won´t mind because it sounds more like a tribute to REO than an actual copy.
It´s a well crafted album that will reach out to all fans of FM rock.
Highlights : Oils and bubbles, We are the losers, Little white lies
Recommended if you like Queen, Heart, 1st Avenue

Fire Red Empress announces new single Hail The Face

Emerging with an impressive arsenal of huge stoner rock riffs and soaring anthems, FIRE RED EMPRESS boast a thunderous hard rock sound that refuses to be ignored.
Their new single and video Hail The Face is expected to drop May 6th.
Watch a snippet here.

Colt 45 unleash punk rock fury on new EP

U.K based punk rock band Colt 45 will release their new EP Snakes and Ladders on April 29 via Visible Noise Records. Check out the new single All Hell Broke Loose.

48Hours release new album Expectations

48Hours is a kick ass pop/hard rock band from London, their new album Expectations drops on April 1st featuring the first single Martyr.

Feel the blues magic from Santana IV

Santana featuring the classic line up, releases the new album IV on April 15. Check out the new song Blues Magic here.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Lost Van Goghs bringing back the good old sound of pomp rock

Question: What do you get when you cross one of Sweden’s most creative and successful pop writers/producers with a studio ace and give them total freedom?
Answer: You get "Lost And Found", an album that will cause excessive smiles and jubilation among people who like intelligent, innovative and well-produced pop music with humor and subtle references to some of the giants of rock history.
The album is loaded with gorgeous melodies, clever lyrics and creative soundscapes. There are subtle nods to British pop master like The Beatles, Queen, 10cc, ELO and Supertramp, but there are also influences from later heroes such as Jellyfish, Toy Matinee, Ben Folds Five and The Feeling.

Quick Bits : Eye Emma Jedi, Shiny Black Anthem, Thomas Nordlund

Eye Emma Jedi - 88 (2013) Welcome to a world of harmonies
Eye Emma Jedi (pronounced as I Am A Jedi) was a shortlived band from Liverpool, with members from England and Norway. Featuring : Alexander Pavelich - Vocals/Guitar, Dan Croll - Bass (who released a solo album Sweet Disarray in 2014), Andrew Murray - Guitar, Britons Joe Wills - Keyboards and Andreas Reiten Westhagen - Drums.
Their only release, the EP "88" contains 4 really awesome songs in "Places", "Banshee", "Too late too soon" and "88". Imagine a blend of Arctic Monkeys meets Walk The Moon with a touch of Mew.
We´re talking artsy and supercool alternative rock.
(+) You expect a Volvo and get to drive a Porsche instead.
(-) Too bad we didn´t get to hear anything more from this talented band.

Shiny Black Anthem - Unbreakable (2016) The start of something good
Shiny Black Anthem are an alternative rock band from Rome, Italy. Fronted by fashion model Sarah Moon, if she won´t get a break in the record business, she can always focus on her modeling career.
SBA blend pop punk, goth rock and electronica with a varied result. Not all songs are good and the drumproduction feels a bit low-budget but the band´s got potential.
The strong single "Fade into white" caught the attention of Nikki Sixx who really liked the band and it´s also one of the best songs on their debut full length.
"Your enemy" and "Alone in my world" are fine examples of their strength in writing good modern rock songs, but they should work with a top producer that can bring out the best in this band.
Perhaps skip a few less interesting songs such as "Give me more" and "Love is dope", a remix of the entire album with a fatter sound and get rid of the screamo part once and for all.
A 2.0 version of this album should do it.
For fans of Delain, Lahannya and Lambretta.
(+) When they rock, they rock!
(-) They should walk away from the Paramore path.

Thomas Nordlund - Divide avenue (2015) Music when you´re driving into the night
"Divide avenue" is an all instrumental release from Minneapolis based guitarist Thomas Nordlund except for the track "Ensenada nights" with vocals by Maryam Yusefzadeh.
The music is sometimes bluesy and jazzy and in some moments primed for a cool western film if it was directed by David Lynch.
Nordlund´s compositions bring thoughts to guitarists like Bilal Karaman, John Lee and Jeff Healey in his softer moments. "Divide avenue" is a very relaxing record.
It feels like I´m going down in the deep in a submarine when I´m listening to "Rilke in the rain", I just close my eyes and I´m there.
Besides Thomas Nordlund on Electric Baritone Guitar, credits go out to Andrew Foreman - Bass, Kevin Gastonguay - Piano, Ben Abrahamson - 12 and 6 string nylon guitar, Lars Erik Larson . Drums, Jake Baldwin - Trumpet.
(+) The moving soundscape keeps me in a firm grip.
(-) A few more upbeat songs wouldn´t hurt.

Nemesea launch Twilight music video

Dutch rockers Nemesea will release their 4th album Uprise on April 29, watch the official video Twilight here.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Songs in rotation at Palace of Rock

Night Argent - Nothing more beautiful, from their self titled EP.

Black Stone Cherry - Soul machine, from the new album Kentucky.

SiM - Make me dead! from the upcoming album The Beautiful People, out April 6th.

Tim Landers of Transit form new band Cold Collective

Cold Collective is a new project from Tim Landers (Transit, Misser) with the new album Bachelorette Party coming out on May 13, featuring the single Away From You.

Thrice release new single and set release date of new album

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is the title of the upcoming album from Thrice, out May 27th.
Check out the first single Blood On The Sand.

Review : Asking Alexandria - The Black

Asking Alexandria - The Black (2016) Sumerian Records
Produced by Joey Sturgis
Tracks : 1.Let it sleep 2.The black 3.I won´t give in 4.Sometimes it ends 5.The lost souls 6.Just a slave to rocknroll 7.Send me home 8.We´ll be okay 9.Here I am 10.Gone 11.Undivided 12.Circled by the wolves
4 out of 5

Every new album for Asking Alexandria is a challenge, they always seem to have an eye for development and still they´re trying to maintain their strong foundation of modern metal.
The band stated they were influenced by bands like Guns´n´Roses, Van Halen and Avenged Sevenfold when they wrote songs for the new album "The Black". Although I can´t say I hear any traces of 80´s rock in the new songs.
It´s the first album to feature new frontman Denis Stoff (ex.Make Me Famous), he replaced Danny Worsnop who left the band in 2015 to form the hard rock group We Are Harlot.
It´s cool to see that there is no bitterness between the former frontman and the band, Worsnop recently wished them well and was glad to see they are still on fire with the new singer.
"The Black" is the Sgt.Pepper´s of metalcore, with an innovative sound but still compact enough to satisfy the most demanding metal fan. The choruses have a big "30 Seconds To Mars" sign over them and the music is as heavy as any Sevendust riff.
A blockbuster album!
Highlights : The Lost Souls, Send me home, The Black
Recommended if you like Crossfaith, Bring Me The Horizon, As They Burn

Dan Croll and his secret formula of a classic retro sound

Liverpool based artist Dan Croll knows the recipe of how to put together the perfect retro song, just blend 60´s harmonies with 70´s powerpop and add some contemporary flavor and you´ll get his latest single One of Us.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Angels and Airwaves set to release new EP Chasing Shadows in April

Chasing Shadows is the title of the new EP from Angels and Airwaves, to be released on April 5th.

Goo Goo Dolls release new single Over and over

Buffalo based modern rock band Goo Goo Dolls release new single Over and over, from their upcoming album Boxes. Out May 6th.

News in brief

Christian rockers Disciple will record their new studio album Long live the rebels in June with producer Aaron Sprinkle.

Post hardcore act Pierce The Veil´s new album Misadventures drops on May 13 via Fearless Records.

MY is a new bright shining star in Sweden, formerly of pop/rock band InDevotion. Now signed to Relentless Records and will release the debut single this spring.

It´s back to square one for Swedish hard rock band Blue Cow Kent, we had recorded 8 songs with tracks of drums, bass and guitar for the upcoming 3rd release. Now it seems like me and the boys have to start all over again with the very first song because the files cannot be used.
It´s likely that the release will be postponed to 2017. I need something strong now.

Egokills are Finnish hippies playing kick-ass metal with very diverse influences, powerful choruses and strong riffs, beards also.
Their new album Creation drops April 22 via Massacre Records, watch the official video Kill Your Ego here.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mrs. Magician announces new album Bermuda

Bermuda is the latest effort by San Diegos dismal-pop outfit Mrs. Magician and their second full-length release on Swami Records.  Out May 20th.

The album offers a concise collection of punk songs inspired by the big sounds of classic 60s pop and rock n roll, with structures more associated with 70s and 80s power pop. Thomas Garcias blissed-out backwash guitar tones and fuck-it fuzz attack juxtapose the bands dry and thudding foundation, creating a tropically depressed grog. Cutting through the lacquer with a glossy shimmer, producer Swami John Reis (Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes) coaxes a tightly wound, rigid backdrop for vocalist Jacob Turnblooms morose-pop delivery. 

Stream the new single No Action here.

Prog metallers Lifewalker releases new EP Rx in April

Virginia based prog metal band Lifewalker releases their new EP Rx on April 16th, featuring the two singles Genesis and Patient Zero.
Watch the official videos here.

Review : The Word Alive - Dark matter

The Word Alive - Dark matter (2016) Fearless Records
Produced by Matt Good
Tracks : 1.Dreamer 2.Trapped 3.Face to face 4.Sellout 5.Insane 6.Made this way 7.Suffocating 8.Piece of me 9.Branded 10.Grunge 11.Dark matter 12.Oxy
3 out of 5

The price of trying to reach out to a wider audience with a more commercially sound, is that you might lose some die hard fans on the way.
Some say you´re selling out, while the big crowd welcomes you with open arms. The free ticket to the mainstream also means you can play arenas instead of clubs, something that most bands prefer.
Phoenix, Arizona based The Word Alive knows this and has moved away from their metalcore sound and instead headed towards a more aggressive rock style, very melodic and at times also ready for the active rock chart.
The 4th album "Dark matter" is solid from start to finish, the heavy riffs are included of course but there´s definitely more clean vocals than growls and screamo. It´s quite funny that they have a song called "Sellout" even if they haven´t forgotten about the importance of screamo in this genre.
"Insane" bring thoughts to Linkin Park, a lot! A good song but hardly one of my favorites on this album, they are listed below.
Highlights : Made this way, Oxy, Trapped
Recommended if you like The Dead Rabbitts, A War Within, Bring Me The Horizon

Top 10 albums (so far) 2016

1.Circus Maximus – Havoc (4,5)
2.The Mute Gods – Do nothing till you hear from me (4)
3.Eliot Sumner – Information (4)
4.Opia – Eon (4)
5.Hands Like Houses – Dissonants (4)
6.SheLoom – The Baron of The Fjord (4)
7.Chloe Wildman – Unbroken (4)
8.The Alchemy – Modern age (4)
9.Rick Springfield – Rocket science (3,5)
10.Cavo – Bridges (3,5)

Rock from Germany, Der W presents the brand new album IV

IV is the brand new album from German rock band Der W, featuring Stephan Weidner (Onkelz). IV is available now, stream the album tracks Neuland and Mehr.

Russian electro rockers Freeq Brothers release new single Irreversible

Freeq Brothers is an electro rock trio from Russia, they have a new single out called Irreversible.
Check out the music video here.

Edges of Seven launch Cave Wall lyric video

Edges of Seven, the industrial rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Launched a lyric video of their new single Cave Wall.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review : Flash Forward - Who we are

Flash Forward - Who we are (2016) Redfield Records
Produced by Florian Nowak
Tracks : 1.Between heart and mind 2.Control 3.One shot in the dark 4.Skyline 5.Heroes for one night 6.Physical 7.Almost 8.Save me 9.Runaway 10.Young offender 11.Self-destruction 12.We are
3,5 out of 5

When I listen to the 3rd album "Who we are" from German based rock band Flash Forward, I hear traces of both classic rock like Cheap Trick as well as contemporary rocknroll like Foo Fighters. Not to mention, delivered in a package full of pop punk flavor.
"Who we are" is the follow up the 2014 release "Apollon" that contains the Palace of Rock fave "Are you out there", even if I can´t find any songs that reaches the same level as that smashing song. I do like the new album a lot because of the crispy production and the top quality of the entire album.
They might not get an award for being unique, but in this case, this band truly knows how to write good songs with hooks.
Highlights : Skyline, Physical, We are
Recommended if you like 40 Ft Ringo, Mercury, Save The Radio

Bachman Turner Overdrive Classic Albums Box Set out April 1st

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and following his 1970 departure from the Guess Who (who had a major hit with American Woman) Randy Bachman formed Bachman-Turner Overdrive in 1972. Originally called Brave Belt, the band had a series of hit albums and singles in the 1970s, selling over 7 million albums in that decade alone. Their 1970s catalogue included five Top 40 albums and six U.S. Top 40 singles. The band has sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide, and has fans affectionately known as "gearheads" (derived from the band's gear-shaped logo). Many of their songs, including "Let It Ride", "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", "Takin' Care of Business", "Hey You" and "Roll On Down the Highway", still receive play on classic-rock stations.

After the band went into a hiatus in 2005, Randy Bachman and Fred Turner reunited in 2009 to tour and collaborate on a new album. In 2010, they played the halftime show at the Grey Cup in Edmonton, AB and continue to tour as of summer 2014.
On March 29, 2014, the classic Not Fragile line-up reunited for the first time since 1991 to mark Bachman–Turner Overdrive's induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and participated in performing in a tribute version of "Takin' Care of Business."

This box set collects together all the albums that the band recorded for Mercury including two never before officially released on CD (Street Action / Rock n Roll Nights).  The discs have all been re-mastered from original tapes by Andy Pearce and the set is housed in a clam shell box with notes by Classic Rock’s Malcom Dome. This set is a great starting point for the band.

Songs in rotation at Palace of Rock

Vampires Everywhere - Ghost inside my head, from the new album Ritual.

Poynte - Take control, from their latest album Discreet enemy.

Jonathan Johansson - No rest for me, theme for the TV series Springfloden.

Glass Caves step into grander proportions with Alive

2015 saw Glass Caves sell out most of their debut album tour, support Augustines, headline London’s Koko and appear at Dot to Dot and Isle of Wight Festivals amongst others. Not to mention a national tour for ‘This Feeling’. Not bad for a band who spent the start of the year busking in some of the very same cities.
In what proved to be a testament to their early leg-work, their self-funded debut album ‘Alive’ made Record Store Day’s Top 40 on week of release. Now named after, but not featuring on, the album Glass Caves are set to release their new single.
Having already earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most dedicated touring bands (their relentlessness matched only by the dedication of their fans that follow them from venue to venue), Glass Caves have stepped up an already ambitious sound into grander proportions, with new single ‘Alive’ being the standard bearer of the material for their much-anticipated second album.

Moment and their new beautiful pop single No Matter Where We Are

Moment is an indie pop band from Sweden, their new single No Matter Where We Are is now available on Spotify.

The comeback of The Temper Trap

Thick As Thieves is Melbourne outfit The Temper Trap's first track release since 2012.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A new Badger album in progress

WELCOME! Pat Badger is in the midst of recording a NEW Badger album! Please enjoy the intro video in the player at the link and you will get the first track “Evil Queen” as soon as you pledge. It features Gary Cherone on Vocals and Justin Hawkins on Lead Guitar!
It is a studio adventure with Pat Badger and friends, produced by Bleu. This collection of songs by The Nasty Ass Honey Badgers are not for the faint-hearted. They are unsuitable for people who like only safe and familiar things!

Review : Waste Pipes - Fake mistake

Waste Pipes - Fake mistake (2016) Independent
Produced by Waste Pipes
Tracks : 1.Headstrong 2.Fire below 3.Stay the night 4.The loser song 5.Chaos 6.For all the time we waste 7.Not enough 8.Little devils scratched my ears 9.Bad growing
3 out of 5

Timeless rock´n´roll is what´s on the menu here, Waste Pipes from Torino, Italy, have been around for more than a decade playing over 500 gigs in Europe and also released 3 albums including the latest one "Fake mistake".
These guys doesn´t care about what´s trendy and what sound is popular on the charts, they just wanna rock and have some fun along the way.
They are more of an album band than hitsingle writers, I think their new album is quite good even if I have to admit that I wasn´t too impressed the first time I heard it.
The songs truly grows for each listen and now I´m glad I gave it a second chance.
Highlights : Stay the night, Chaos
Recommended if you like Hellacopters, The Cult, D.A.D

Time for some glitchrock from Rollercoasterwater

Los Angeles band Rollercoasterwater's new single “Avey Tare Said”, which Consequence of Sound describes as ‘lush, dreamlike soundscapes…’ , is inspired by an experience that one of the members of Rollercoasterwater had opening for Avey Tare a couple years ago. With its unique combination of electronic and live instrumentation, this captivating song is just the first peek at their upcoming EP 'Umami Sounding Fireballs', out April 15th.

Alt-rockers Vexxes unveil debut video

Vexxes is the first time we’ve been a part of something where we’re completely happy with what we’re actually producing. Previously there’s always been that little bit of wish fullness in the backs of our minds, eating away at us to be doing something better,” declares vocalist, Tom Fieldhouse as his new band unveils their debut video for single ‘Everything I’ve Ever Known’. Taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Common Ground’, like the rest of the tracks, the lyrics and visuals “address those internal and external conflicts. A ‘common ground’ of issues that everyone goes through at some point; a theme that we feel people will relate to.
Common Ground drops on May 6, featuring the new single Everything I´ve ever known.

Follow Stargroves to their little islands

NYC-based indie-pop band Stargroves has announced the release of their new single, “Little Islands.”  Following the success of their fist self-titled album, Stargroves have been hard at work over the last year in Brooklyn creating the sounds for their sophomore release.  Comprised of Ted (lead vocals/guitar), Charlie (guitar), Brad (piano/synth), Bryan (bass), and Max (drums), Stargroves create an ethereal “dream pop” sound which has been described as “pop music that craves for you to listen” (Audio Fuzz).  Their first album landed them praise from Perez Hilton, MTV Buzzworthy, The Music Court, and others. 
“Little Islands” is slated for release on Tuesday, March 29 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other digital music retailers. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Review : The Phoenix - My turn to deal

The Phoenix - My turn to deal (2016) Demon Doll Records
Produced by The Phoenix
Tracks : 1.My turn to deal 2.Dangerous girl 3.You can´t stop the rock´n´roll 5.Party hard
3 out of 5

The Phoenix are an all female rock band from Rimini, Italy. I think their debut EP "My turn to deal" is a solid affair of heavy metal and sleaze/AOR.
The song "You can´t stop the rock´n´roll" isn´t strong enough to defend the genre of rock, quite an ordinary tune I´m afraid. But the title track is a lot better and the following "Dangerous girl" is a really great song with a lovely AOR-ish chorus.
"Party hard" bring back memories of early 80´s NWOBHM and bands like Rock Goddess and Girlschool, an ok track that probably works better on stage than this studio release.
Highlights : Dangerous girl, My turn to deal
Recommended if you like Vixen, Girlschool, Crucified Barbara

Asking Alexandria ready to conquer with The Black

Asking Alexandria´s new album The Black must be considered one of this year´s biggest rock / metal releases, check out the 2 awesome new songs Here I Am and Send Me Home below.

The Living End from down under set to release new album Shift in May

Melbourne, Australia based The Living End releases their new album Shift on May 13th, listen to the new single Keep on running here.

Scar Of The Sun announces new album In Flood

Scar Of The Sun is a modern metal band formed in 2005 in London, UK. With their first release ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Concurrencies’ Scar Of The Sun has successfully toured Europe three times with the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, Pain, Rage, Tyr and are currently about to release their sophomore effort ‘In Flood’.
The new album includes guest appearances by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, OutLoud), George Katsanos (solo artist), Nick Syd (Cyanna Mercury), Van Labrakis (Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren). The band recorded ‘In Flood’ at their own Zero Gravity Studios, where singer Terry Nikas engineered the whole project. For the production the band hired Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Machine Head) and the mixing and mastering was handled by the up and coming duo Stamos Koliousis and Van Lambrakis of Studios 210 in Berlin (Keep Of  Kalessin, Kvelertak, Satan's Wrath).
Scar Of The Sun’s sound has matured and has become more focused, modern, heavier and aggressive but also more catchy, reflecting elements of In Flames or Trivium. The first European tour in support of it is currently in the works. More than ever, Scar Of The Sun are ready to head out on the road and play their music for the masses!  
The new album In Flood drops May 20th.

I See Stars unleash new single Mobbin´ out

Electronic post hardcore act I See Stars unleash new single Mobbin´ out, check it out here.

Songs in rotation at Palace of Rock

Andy Black - We don´t have to dance, from the upcoming album The Shadow Side.

September Mourning - Eye of the storm, new single.

As December Falls - Don´t say a word, from the EP When You Figure Out You´re Wrong.

Set It Off release new dance rock anthem Uncontainable

Tampa, Florida based pop / rock darlings Set It Off´s new single Uncontainable is now available, watch the video here.

Biffy Clyro, new album Ellipsis out July 8th

Biffy Clyro follow 2013's critically acclaimed U.K. #1 double-album Opposites with their seventh studio album Ellipsis which will be released on July 8th on Warner Bros. Records / 14th Floor Recordings. Pre-orders for the album are now open with the first single "Wolves of Winter" now streaming and available as an instant grat track. Click here to pre-order.
As is tradition, writing sessions for the album saw Biffy Clyro -Simon Neil (vocals/guitar) and the Johnston brothers James (bass) and Ben (drums) working in the intimate environment of their practice room. They then headed to Los Angeles for recording sessions with producer Rich Coste (Muse, My Chemical Romance, Sigur Ros).
Citing influences as diverse as Tears For Fears' Songs From The Big Chair album, DJ Arca and Deafheaven, Simon Neil has described Ellipsis as "more of a punch to the nose than a big cuddle." Lyrically, the album's songs tackle personal issues with the idea of "fighting back" a recurring theme.
Such themes are also apparent in the album's visceral first single "Wolves of Winter" which captures Biffy Clyro's famous blend of angular riffs, pummelling rhythms and strident hooks. Says Neil"'Wolves of Winter' is about us being wolves on a patch and if you come onto that patch, we'll tear you limb-from-limb."
An Ellipsis (most commonly depicted as ...) indicates a continuation: in this case, Biffy Clyro's new body of work is an ongoing representation of everything that the band have stood for since first debuting in 2002 with the Blackened Sky album.
Ellipsis will be available digitally and on CD and vinyl editions.
Opposites saw Biffy Clyro flourish with their first U.K. #1 album and another U.K. Top 10 single with "Black Chandelier". The band's live shows soared to new heights with highlights including debut festival headline sets at Reading, Leeds, Radio 1's Big Weekend, Isle of Wight and T in the Park; a triumphant sold-out UK arena tour; and extensive touring across six continents.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Breathe Atlantis launch Lost video from upcoming album

BREATHE ATLANTIS - one of the most promising newcomers of the international alternative scene.
Progressive harmonies, danceable rhythms, and electronic elements are the cornerstones of the band’s sound and the combination of R’n’B inspired vocals and vicious shouts has become a trademark of the band.
New single - Lost - out now, taken from their forthcoming album.