Wednesday, March 16, 2016

American Wolves deliver smashing debut single Part Of Me

In an era when the boundaries between genres are being eroded to the point of irrelevance and both fans and bands alike are eschewing the need for restrictive labels, American Wolves represents a dynamic, euphoric and profoundly modern new breed. Splicing a buzzsaw guitar attack with an instinctive pop nous, the quartet are already making major waves in a scene that is often all too content to endlessly repeat the same old formula.

Formed around the nucleus of longtime Rhode Island friends Rod Pires (vocals / guitar) and Rob Lundy (bass), American Wolves’ coming together was as twenty-first century as their sound. “We found Nicole (Zell, guitar) and Tyler (Blinn, drums) through the internet,” laughs Lundy. “They are both amazing performers in their own right. Incredible musicians who matched mine and Rod’s enthusiasm from day one.”

That enthusiasm, as well the young quartet’s earworm-inducing melodic ability, has already reaped stunning results. Debut single “Part Of Me” is blessed with a truly stadium-rousing chorus that will have fans reaching for the replay button time and again while folding enough heart-on-sleeve emotion into the heady blend to set it above the saccharine masses. At the helm is frontman Pires with a soaring voice that is already marking the enigmatic, Sao Paolo-born singer out as a performer with bona fide star quality.


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