Sunday, March 20, 2016

Otep and her endless odyssey

Formed from the poetic marrow of creative intercourse. OTEP is an art project/band/movement/revolution; Breaking ground, breaking rules, breaking barriers. Articulate. Aggressive. Pure Adrenaline. ARTCore of Heavy Mental Rock.“ This is how mastermind / vocalist OTEP Shamaya and her allies choose to describe themselves in rather peculiar fashion – more than fitting for a peculiar band! Transcending from darkness into the light, OTEP want to pose a spiritual force, inspiration and motivation, and yet they don`t forget the essence of it all in the midst of their battle against injustice: rock. The Californians unleash a fascinatingly meandering beast in shape of “Generation Doom” boasting thunderous nu-metal grooves that shapeshift into dark industrial fury that flow into hard rock melodies at any moment. Where OTEP`s endless odyssey will lead them? Nothing seems impossible…
Check out the new track In Cold Blood from Generation Doom. Out April 15th.

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