Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quick Bits : Me Like Bees, M.I.C, Holygold

Me Like Bees - There will be time (2016) Music manufactured by the assembly line
"There will be time" is the new 4 track EP from Missouri based indie rock quartet Me Like Bees, it is produced by John Feldmann and will appeal to fans of Arcade Fire and Franz Ferdinand.
The songs are well performed and much suitable for radio in this decade but perhaps they should seek their own identity because this EP doesn´t stand out.
I like the warm sound though and the track "Hymns and blues" grows for each time I hear it.
(+) Tundraland is a really good song that should end up on many playlists this year.
(-) It´s a risk that this band will be forgotten 10 years from now.

M.I.C - 6th sense (2016) Made in China and Canada
In this age of streams and mp3 downloads, it´s always nice to receive a physical CD from an artist that wants to be reviewed.
Canadian rocker Yvon Serre and his Made In China have been around playing rock and roll since 2004 and this year they are releasing their 6th album simply called "6th sense" which is the strongest album so far from M.I.C.
We get 9 new songs and they are truly keeping it safe, this band is just like AC/DC and refuse to change direction in sound. If you heard their previous albums, you know what you´re gonna get.
We´re talking a mix of classic rock, power pop and AOR where Yvon has managed to write his best songs yet.
For fans of Mott The Hoople, 7th Heaven,Waltham.
(+) Upbeat melodic rock that will get the party started
(-) They won´t make rocknroll history with this record

Holygold - The Color White (2015) What if Weird Al Yankovich teamed up with Alice Cooper
"The color white" is the 3rd album from Italian rock band Holygold, they´ve got a charming sound with a blend of 80´s rock, punk and NWOBHM but there´s a lot to ask for when it comes to improvement.
The band´s leader and singer Marco Massari should go and see a vocal coach because he´s struggling to keep pitch from time to time. I should have given up on this album just after a few songs but they´ve got something interesting too that kept me listening to the entire album.
Perhaps it´s the fact that Holygold bring thoughts to early Goo Goo Dolls meets I, Napoleon. (remember that band?)
These guys should be writing songs for other artists instead of recording and release it themselves.
(+) The songs aren´t that bad actually.
(-) The production is weak and sounds more like a demo.

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