Monday, March 7, 2016

Quick Bits : Wildways, Royal Hunt, Vicky Emerson

Wildways - Into the wild (2016) An exciting new force of metal from Russia
Wildways is a modern metal band from Western Russia, formed in 2009 under the name Sarah Where Is My Tea. They released their debut album "Desolate" in 2011 and caught world wide attention with their cover of Lana Del Rey´s "Born to die" in 2013.
The band changed their name to Wildways in 2014 and went to the USA in 2015 to record their new album with producer Cameron Mizell (Memphis May Fire), an album that features the two singles "Faka Faka Yeah" and "What you feel".
We´re talking a blend of metalcore, electronica, rap, clean vocals and screamo with the final result being really cool.
Imagine Crossfaith meets Sylar with a touch of Rage Against The Machine and you´ll get Wildways new album "Into the wild", the opener "Skins" is a rocket ride of a track. I totally love it.
(+) The world sure do need this promising band
(-) ............nothing to report here........................

Royal Hunt - Cargo (2016) Good heavens, the entire Paradox album live
"Cargo" is the 4th live album from the pioneers of Danish progmetal, Royal Hunt.
The band performs the entire "Paradox" album from 1997 along with selected tracks from the 3 latest studio albums "Show me how to live" (2011), "A life to die for" (2013), "Devil´s dozen" (2015) and the title track off "The mission" (2001).
The production is top notch and these versions are nothing but stellar, you could say they show all the signs of still sounding alive and well. It´s a joy to hear DC Cooper sing "The mission" where the original studio version features John West on vocals.
The live version of "A life to die for" is even better than the studio track, 
(+) Their song "Message to god" is without doubt one of Royal Hunt´s best songs ever.
(-) Frontiers Records have stopped sending out mp3 downloads with promos only available as streams, as much as I understand them with all the leaks of previous releases, I hate to see it go in this direction. Streams sucks.

Vicky Emerson - Wake me when the wind dies down (2016) I wish you bon voyage of Americana
Let me present the 3rd album from singer / songwriter Vicky Emerson, an artist that likes to paint her music with colors from varied genres such as blues, folk, country and Americana.
She has moved around quite a bit and lived in different places like Wisconsin, New York, San Fransisco before relocating back to her roots in Minneapolis.
The angelic "Silhouette" makes time stand still, too bad this album couldn´t offer more of this beautiful song. The country-flavored folk rock of "Runaway train" is another nice song and it´s always a joy to hear real musicians play in this computerized music industry.
There´s no doubt that Vicky is a good singer but some of these songs just don´t move me at all.
(+) Thumbs up for the organic sound.
(-) She might be a bit invisible in the jungle of country artists from America.

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