Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review : The Alchemy - Modern Age

The Alchemy - Modern Age (2016) Independent
Produced by Paul Matthews
Tracks : 1.Save me from myself 2.Modern age 3.Blackhole passenger 4.Heartstrings
4 out of 5

Canterbury is a brilliant song by NWOBHM legends Diamond Head but it´s also the hometown for the fresh new 4 piece The Alchemy. An English rock band that seamlessly blend the attitude of big guitars, synths and anthemic choruses.
Featuring Rhys Taylor - Vocals/Guitar, Luke Welch - Guitar, Alex Porro - Bass and Sam Ewen - Drums. These guys will make a name for themselves in 2016 with their explosive debut EP and I´m not walking on thin ice when I´m saying that they will be your new favorite band.
With bands like The Alchemy, the future is sure looking bright for rock music!
Highlights : Save me from myself, Blackhole passenger
Recommended if you like Mallory Knox, Biffy Clyro, Don Broco

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