Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review : Hands Like Houses - Dissonants

Hands Like Houses - Dissonants (2016) Rise Records
Produced by James Paul Wisner / Erik Ron
Tracks : 1.I am 2.Perspectives 3.Colourblind 4.New romantics 5.Glasshouse 6.Division symbols 7.Stillwater 8.Momentary 9.Motion sickness 10.Degrees of seperation 11.Grey havens 12.Bloodlines
4 out of 5

"Dissonants" is the 3rd album from Hands Like Houses, although I can´t say I have been following this band from the start, I am truly a fan now because the new album rocks.
They are neither Aussie Osbourne´s nor Crocodile Dundee´s, they might share the same native land as actor Paul Hogan and love their rock music just as much as the Ozzman.
But the similarities stops right there, these guys are Australians but have an international sound of post hardcore, active rock and electronica. I´m not afraid to call it the future of rock.
Anthemic choruses are always a smart move and this band knows exactly how to pull it off, with an album like "Dissonants" they should be headlining festivals in a year or two.
Highlights : Colourblind, Glasshouse, Momentary
Recommended if you like coldrain, Escape The Fate, Spoken

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