Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review : Make Way For Man - Evolve and repair

Make Way For Man - Evolve and repair (2016) Independent
Produced by Tristan Sturmer / Cody Brooks
Tracks : 1.Evolve and repair 2.We will surely drown 3.Instruments 4.The other side of fear 5.If you´re going through hell, keep going 6.The end is up to me
3 out of 5

At first, I thought the first EP from Make Way For Man sounded a bit uneven. I really had a hard time liking songs like "We will surely drown", "Instruments" and "The other side of fear" where these tracks felt like I was hitting my head to a wall ten times over.
But I refused to give up on this band because I did enjoy the other 3 tracks, especially the melodic "The end is up to me" became a fave right away.
This 6 piece band from Perth, Western Australia blend aggressive tech metal and progressive metalcore that sounds well crafted but brutal as hell.
If you´re into breakdowns, awesome guitarwork and heavy-as-shit metal, Make Way For Man is the answer to your prayers. I am beginning to like it a lot!
Highlights : Evolve and repair, If you´re going through hell keep going, The end is up to me
Recommended if you like Periphery, Gojira, Sirens and Sailors

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