Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review : Space Elevator - Space Elevator

Space Elevator - Space Elevator (2016) Cargo Records
Produced by The Duchess / David Young / Adam Vanryne
Tracks : 1.Elevator 2.We are the losers 3.I will find you 4.Ordinary day 5.Little white lies 6.Loneliness of love 7.More than enough 8.Really don´t care 9.Oils and bubbles 10.We can fly 11.Move on
3,5 out of 5

Is this a new wave of pomp rock we are about to witness with new bands like Space Elevator, Cats In Space, Dani Rosenoer and Lost Van Goghs? Perhaps it´s too early to tell.
The Brits in Space Elevator are led by The Duchess - Lead Vocals and David Young - Guitars, their self titled debut also features the guest musician Neil Murray (ex.Whitesnake) on bass.
The album is a classic rock affair, wrapped up in 70´s pomp and 80´s AOR, where the vocal performance from The Duchess is a true joy to listen to from start to finish.
The song "Loneliness of love" is a twin to REO Speedwagon´s "Keep on loving you", I don´t think Kevin Cronin won´t mind because it sounds more like a tribute to REO than an actual copy.
It´s a well crafted album that will reach out to all fans of FM rock.
Highlights : Oils and bubbles, We are the losers, Little white lies
Recommended if you like Queen, Heart, 1st Avenue

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