Friday, March 25, 2016

Review : The Word Alive - Dark matter

The Word Alive - Dark matter (2016) Fearless Records
Produced by Matt Good
Tracks : 1.Dreamer 2.Trapped 3.Face to face 4.Sellout 5.Insane 6.Made this way 7.Suffocating 8.Piece of me 9.Branded 10.Grunge 11.Dark matter 12.Oxy
3 out of 5

The price of trying to reach out to a wider audience with a more commercially sound, is that you might lose some die hard fans on the way.
Some say you´re selling out, while the big crowd welcomes you with open arms. The free ticket to the mainstream also means you can play arenas instead of clubs, something that most bands prefer.
Phoenix, Arizona based The Word Alive knows this and has moved away from their metalcore sound and instead headed towards a more aggressive rock style, very melodic and at times also ready for the active rock chart.
The 4th album "Dark matter" is solid from start to finish, the heavy riffs are included of course but there´s definitely more clean vocals than growls and screamo. It´s quite funny that they have a song called "Sellout" even if they haven´t forgotten about the importance of screamo in this genre.
"Insane" bring thoughts to Linkin Park, a lot! A good song but hardly one of my favorites on this album, they are listed below.
Highlights : Made this way, Oxy, Trapped
Recommended if you like The Dead Rabbitts, A War Within, Bring Me The Horizon

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