Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sserpress smells like Nirvana

Meet Don, Dave and Brendon - three guys indoctrinated into the heavy, loud and DIY music scene. Brought together by their mutual love of Pig Destroyer, QOTSA and Sabbath these guys have been learning their craft in small sweaty clubs around the UK supporting the likes of Pins, Peace, Virals and Jeff The Brotherhood. Throw in a unique T-Shirt collaboration with Shoreditch’s finest Goodhood Store, it’s plain to see the Sserpress name has been in all the right places so far.
It’s now time for the band to build on that and release their debut single ‘My Only Friend’.  It’s a tune which has all the attributes of a sticky floored teenage grit fuelled anthem. A growling riff leads into tormented vocals, rife with genuine attitude, eventually descending into disorder. What more do you want from the young and heavy?
Recorded at F.U.R.S/The Duke Spirit drummer Ollie Bett’s fast becoming renowned Crows Nest Studios, the trio release this debut single in DIY format via their own Chumba Files label on the 15th April 2016.

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