Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stream the new City Of Ghosts EP Prisms

PRISMS finds the post-hardcore outfit CITY OF GHOSTS reprising the distinct sound employed on previous releases. While the six-song EP treads similar territory as the band’s first two releases, City Of Ghosts walks to path with more confidence and pushes on further than ever before. After instrumental opener “Kali Yuga” lulls the listener into a sense of comfort, “Arjuna” breaks the calm with an overpowering onslaught of technical guitar picking that proves a perfect complement to the powerful pipes of Brian Tombari. The ex-Hail Archer frontman’s voice leads the way on the title track and “Hidden Kings,” both of which highlight Ghosts’ penchant for ambient atmospherics through squealing guitars and rhythmic breakdowns.
Stream the new EP here.

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