Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review : Sixx A.M - Prayers for the damned Vol.1

Sixx A.M - Prayers for the damned Vol.1 (2016) Eleven Seven Music
Produced by James Michael
Tracks : 1.Rise 2.You have come to the right place 3.I´m sick 4.Prayers for the damned 5.Better man 6.Can´t stop 7.When we were gods 8.Belly of the beast 9.Everything went to hell 10.The last time 11.Rise of the melancholy empire
4,5 out of 5

What started as a side project is now a steady full time band for Nikki Sixx, D.J Ashba and James Michael. Those who might be a bit worried the band had taken a more poppy direction with the previous album "Modern vintage" from 2014, can now relax because their new album "Prayers for the damned Vol.1" rock harder.
The guitars are louder, the riffs are heavier and the choruses have so much more muscles.
This is their 2nd best album after the impressive debut "The heroin diaries", and looking at the album title, I guess we don´t have to wait that long for Vol.2. Lovely.
Some prefer to travel business class, when you buy Sixx A.M, you travel first class to modern rock euphoria.
Highlights : Rise, Can´t stop, When we were gods
Recommended if you like Shinedown, Track Fighter, 30 Seconds To Mars

Friday, April 29, 2016

Alive in Barcelona with song co-written by Steve Aiello of 30STM

Hard Rock band Alive In Barcelona, from the Pacific Northwest, have ignited the airwaves with their new single, "Back To Life", and have captured attention of fans and critics around the world. With multi-platinum producers on their side, and an arsenal of insanely well written songs, the future looks bright for Alive In Barcelona
The song was co-written by Stevie Aiello of 30 Seconds To Mars.

News, news, news

On May 16th, it was 50 years ago The Beach Boys masterpiece Pet Sounds was released.
On June 10th, the 50th anniversary edition is available including 4CD/Blu-ray Audio collector's edition presented in a hardbound book, featuring the remastered original album in stereo and mono, plus a new hi res instrumental mix, as well as session outtakes, alternate mixes, previously unreleased live recordings and hi res stereo and mono and 5.1 surround mixes.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy´s comeback album Forward in Reverse is streaming on Spotify, take a moment and listen to this fab trio.

In May, the first single Diplomatica from Blue Cow Kent´s upcoming album BCK III Even Stars Die (out this fall) will be released on Spotify and Bandcamp.
More info soon.

Foghat´s long awaited new album Under the influence drops on June 24th, read my review of their box set The Complete Bearsville Albums Collection here.

Beyond All Recognition stream Kill(h)er

Founded in 2011, Beyond All Recognition are a Swedish dubcore / metal band from
Västerås, Sweden. The band is comprised of David Söhr (Vocals), David Eriksen
(Guitar), Paul Gidlöf (Guitar), Pontus Bergström Warren (Bass) and Sebastian Maxe (Drums).
Now, after months of hard work, the new album “Beyond All Recognition” is complete and is set to release on May 27, 2016.
First up is single and video Kill(h)er!!

Straight up punk from Canada, welcome No Liars

NO LIARS is a punk band, straight up. Fusing elements of post punk, emo, and melodic hardcore, the songs erupt with raw emotion, featuring dynamic vocals, blistering tempos, and unrelenting grooves.
In 2016, NO LIARS​ is set to release their brand of punk to the rest of Canada, and beyond!
Watch the Catalyst video from their new EP available now.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Italian classic rock band Virtual Time with new album Long Distance out now

Classic Rock inspired Italian band Virtual Time have released the Official Video for their "Fire World II" off of their Long Distance LP. Written and Directed by Marco and Luca Donazzan, "Fire World II" was shot in the North-East Italian Alpi mountains.

Lithuanian rock band Linchette Marcel releases debut EP

Linchette Marcel is Lithuanian alternative rock band, The band offers a tasty blend of aggressive and melodic sound, romantic and melancholic moods, abstract psychedelic trips, head-banging hard rock pieces. Linchette Marcel delivers straight forward hot and honest live performances. The band has released their first Maxi Single (of 4 songs) in April 2016. The single represents the heavier part of Linchette Marcel and creates a solid platform for the upcoming LP album later this year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Official video of Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley rocking together again in Fire and Water

The Free cover Fire and Water is the first recording with Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley together again since 1998, the song is taken from Ace Frehley´s new album Origins Vol.1.

Quickbits : Candlebox, The Lowest Pair x 2

Candlebox - Disappearing in airports (2016) If it´s not broke, don´t fix it
Frontman Kevin Martin is the only original member left since the band was formed in 1990, his former bandpals Peter Klett and Scott Mercado moved on to form the new band Lotus Crush that released a really good album in "Rabbit hole".
But Kevin doesn´t have to depend on his former bandpals to make a good record, he has proven this on all the side projects The Gracious Few, Le Project and The Hiwatts.
Candlebox´s 6th studio album "Disappearing in airports" is filled with basic rock´n´roll, the music is both timeless and contemporary. You could say it´s a traditional Candlebox album.
The opening track "Only because of you" is a typical late 90´s modern rock ballad, a very nice song that is followed by the lead track of the album, "Vexatious".
Sure it´s a good rock song but it´s hardly the best track on the new album.
I prefer the strong "I want it back" or the beautiful "Only because of you", not to mention the Foo Fighters-like "The bridge" which is also really cool.
(+) This is rock and roll medicine for your soul.
(-) It´s peculiar that they picked "Vexatious" as a single.

The Lowest Pair - Uncertain as it is uneven (2016) Put away your smartphone and enjoy real life
Do you love that feeling of walking barefoot on the grass or just sit silently by the lake and listen to the symphony of a flock of seagulls, it´s the simple things in life that makes up for quality time.
If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for these occasions, then let me present The Lowest Pair.
TLP is an alternative folk rock duo featuring Kendl Winter and Palmer T.Lee, both on banjo, vocals and some harmonica. They deliver a blend of bluegrass, country and folk.
The duo had planned of releasing a new record in spring but the creative songwriting process led to enough songs to release two cd´s, where "Uncertain as it is uneven" stays the course of their previous releases, being focused on stripped down and intimate arrangements.
It´s a very comfortable album.
(+) Slow music that will make the listener step out from living in the fast lane for a moment.
(-) Don´t judge the album by it´s cover, this one´s looks like it´s a handmade cloth by someone´s grandma.

The Lowest Pair - Fern girl and ice man (2016) In the spirit of Page and Plant
This album is a more moody and adventurous exploration of new sounds and what it might sound like for The Lowest Pair to be supported by a full band.
And I must say that I do prefer "Fern girl and ice man" over "Uncertain as it is uneven" because it appeals more to the rocker in me and there are moments on "Fern girl and ice man" that could be featured in the award winning drama film "Winter´s Bone" from 2010.
Just close your eyes while listening to this album and you´re right there next to Ree Dolly (played by Jennifer Lawrence) in the movie.
"The river will" sounds like an unreleased song from Led Zeppelin´s IV if it was performed by Lindsay Buckingham, oh man, this is a totally awesome album opener.
Another song that bring thoughts to Led Zeppelin´s more folky side is "Waiting for the taker", I really can hear Plant and Page in this great song.
If "Uncertain as it is uneven" gives you a touch of summer, then "Fern girl and ice man" gives you a touch of fall.
(+) It´s amazing how music can be both dark and colorful at the same time.
(-) A few more tracks with drums wouldn´t hurt.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sonic Boom Six to drop the F-bomb

The F-Bomb is the brand new studio album from U.K based electronic / ska / rock band Sonic Boom Six, it´s available on June 3rd.

Review : Santana - IV

Santana - IV (2016) Santana IV Records
Produced by Carlos Santana
Tracks : 1.Yambu 2.Shake it 3.Anywhere you want to go 4.Fillmore East 5.Love makes the world go round 6.Freedom in your mind 7.Choo choo 8.All aboard 9.Suenos 10.Caminando 11.Blues magic 12.Echizo 13.Leave me alone 14.You and I 15.Come as you are 16.Forgiveness
3 out of 5

Guitar legend Carlos Santana is one of the most innovative artists on this planet, always looking ahead and never hesitate to try new musical collaborations.
But now timing was right for the classic line up so Santana teamed up with Gregg Rolie - Vocals/Keyboards, Michael Shrieve - Drums, Mike Carabello - Percussion and Neal Schon - Guitar to work on a new album with 16 original tracks.
Few bands can pick up a musical dialog after 45 years apart, but this constellation found the groove right away and the familiar sound of "Abraxas" and "Santana III" is all over "IV".
It´s a good album and fans are buying it like it crazy because "IV" is climbing Billboard´s Top 200 like a rocket, people know real music when they hear it.
The new album might not have a new "Black magic woman" and 5 instrumental tracks feels a bit too much, and I´m also not a big fan of the soul oriented songs "Love makes the world go round" and "Freedom in your mind" featuring guest vocalist Ronald Isley (The Isley Brothers).
But I´m happy to see this line up playing together again and I just have to recommend the overlooked album Abraxas Pool from 1997 without Carlos, that one is even better than Santana IV.
Highlights : Yambu, Echizo, Come as you are
Recommended if you like rhythms

Mysterious duo The Lost Poets to release short film and childrens book

Insubordia Part II is the brand new album from Swedish blues / grunge / rock duo The Lost Poets, out now. They are also working on the short film Tales from Insubordia and the childrens book The Lost Poets. They are also to be included in Dolph Lundgren´s forthcoming feature film Without You I´m Nothing.
Get a dose of their Soundgarden-like rock with the single Danny Electro.

Allie and Ivy´s pure poppy sugary goodness Get Hi

Allie & Ivy is indie electropop singer-songwriter Aleisha (Allie) Conlay, from the sunny northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. Writing songs since the age of 11 and picking up the guitar at 14, Allie was schooled in music at a very young age by her father, a guitarist and record collector from London with a passion for 60s music.

Having developed a deep infatuation with The Beatles at age 11, Allie had dreams to one day front an all-girl rock band called The Ladybeetles but unfortunately never managed to find her Paul, George or Ringo. Not one to let that get in the way of her plans, Allie conjured up alter ego Ivy, giving her the comradeship, confidence and support a real band couldn’t.

Allie & Ivy’s fresh sound and penchant for catchy hooks and infectious melodies have gained accolades both in Australia and internationally. With new songs scheduled for release throughout 2016 and a debut EP underway the year is already shaping up to be a busy and exciting one for Allie & Ivy.

Moose Blood announce new album Blush

Honey is the new single from U.K based pop punk band Moose Blood´s upcoming album Blush, available August 5th on Hopeless Records.

Solence releases epic single Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence is the new epic single from Swedish electro metal band Solence, the future promise big things for this band.

Romantic Rebel takes it too far

Too Far is the first single from Chicago hard rockers Romantic Rebel´s upcoming EP Begin Again.
Crank it up.

Tokyo rockers Make My Day are reborn

Make My Day is a electronic/metal/hardcore band from Tokyo, Japan. Their new 2 track single Reborn / Lifeless is out now. Check out Lifeless here.

Blossoms aiming for the charts with Getaway

Britrock band Blossoms has released a new single on iTunes and Spotify. Watch the official video of Getaway here.

Staring Out The Sun streams 2 new songs from Dawn

2 songs are now streaming from Staring Out The Sun´s upcoming album Dawn.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Run, Definitely Run! stream Until I´m Gone

Run, Definitely Run! is a pop punk band located in Phoenix, Arizona. Their new single Until I´m Gone is streaming on Spotify.

Bleeker is heading out on the highway

Bleeker is an alternative rock band from Toronto, Canada. Their self titled debut EP is available now.
Let´s rock with their new single Highway.

The Kills releases first album in 5 years on June 3rd

The Kills have announced the long-awaited follow up to 2011´s Blood Pressures, entitled Ash and Ice, the new album is due out June 3rd on Domino Records.
Watch the official video of Heart Of A Dog from the forthcoming album here.

Classic Jack deliver Graphic Violence

Salt lake city, Utah based post hardcore band Classic Jack has released a new single, get your dose of Graphic Violence here.

Get ready it´s Cilver week

American rock band Cilver´s debut album Not The End of The World drops on April 29th, check out the new single I´m America here.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Otep walks in cold blood

Otep´s new album Generation Doom is available now, featuring the new single In Cold Blood.
Watch the music video here.

Look, it´s the wanderer from Red Handed Denial

Wanderer is the new EP from Toronto, Canada based metal act Red Handed Denial. Watch the official video of Manipulator from the new EP.

Sick Puppies launch 2nd single off Fury

Fury, the new album from Sick Puppies, drops May 20th. The first single Stick to your guns is followed by the brand new song Earth To You.
Crank it up.

Feel the statism from Backwordz

Statism is the 2nd single from Texas based street hop/metal band Backwordz forthcoming album Veracity.

Divides from Scotland releases new single Bad Day

Divides are a 5 piece rock band based in Glasgow - made up of former members of well-received Scottish bands featuring, vocalist Tasha Cowie, drummer David Maxwell, guitarist David Lennon, Colin Horn and bassist Andy Cook.
Check out their new single Bad Day here.

Young The Giant announce new album Home Of The Strange

Young the Giant's official visualizer for 'Amerika' from their upcoming album Home Of The Strange - available August 12th on Fueled By Ramen.

Staring Out The Sun presents Break The Silence - The Movie

U.K rockers Staring Out The Sun have released a full mini movie based on their stunning EP "Break The Silence" released in 2015.
The band says : "We didn’t want to be like every other band out there. We wanted to say something unique to us. By making a movie out of our whole EP we could do just that".

The band´s full length debut Dawn drops May 13th with the following tracks:
1. The Calling
2. Hero
3. Fuzzy Thinking
4. Lonestar
5. Versus
6. Karōshi
7. Where Are We?
8. The River
9. Panic Stations
10. Time
11. Always
12. Roots

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review : The Energy - When we were young

The Energy - When we were young (2016) Independent
Produced by The Energy
Tracks : 1.Losing myself 2.You can follow 3.When we were young 4.Return to you 5.Free 6.Don´t come around 7.California sun 8.American disaster 9.The constant 10.Little man
3 out of 5

I was just listening to the new box set from British boogie rockers Foghat, a band widely known for the use of slide guitars. And the first I get to hear on the opening track "Losing myself" from Brooklyn based rock band The Energy, is a slide guitar. Cool!
Although, there ain´t much boogie rock in The Energy´s music. There are in fact lots of traces of 70´s rock but in a modern package, their sound is a blend of post grunge and heartland rock.
The 5th studio album "When we were young" is the follow up to "Streets of in-between" from 2013 and the more I listen to the new record, I get the feeling they have more in common with Foghat than I thought.
Why you wonder? Well, just like Foghat that sounded better live. I think of The Energy as a live act more than a studio product. These songs will probably rock much harder on stage, all you need is the groove and I bet this band can pull it off.
The only song I don´t get is the hip-hop flavored "The constant", it feels so misplaced on this record.
Highlights : Losing myself, When we were young
Recommended if you like Better Than Ezra, Candlebox, Seven Mary Three

Get in the synthpop mood with Ocean Jet

Synthpop act Ocean Jet´s new EP The Word Never Dropped is available for streaming at:
Or simply watch their official video A Part of You here.

Grizzly announce new album Kidlife Crisis

Grizzly is a pop punk band from Karlsruhe, Germany. Their new album Kidlife Crisis is released on May 27th, featuring the new single Close At Heart.

The Mars Patrol premieres Not About You video

The Mars Patrol are an alternative rock band from Edinburgh, U.K. Their new album Human Condition drops April 29th, featuring the single Not About You.

Blacklite District releases We Are The Danger video

American electro metal band Blacklite District has released a music video of their latest single We Are The Danger. Watch it here.

Goo Goo Dolls pull the pin

Goo Goo Dolls 11th studio album Boxes drops on May 6th, the band has released an audio stream of the new track The Pin.

SiM drop Make Me Dead music video

The Beautiful People is the brand new album from Japanese reggae/punk band SiM, watch the official video Make Me Dead from The Beautiful People here.

Emarosa working on studio album #4

Post hardcore band Emarosa is currently recording album no.4, the first taste is the new song Cloud9.
Listen here.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Review : Ace Frehley - Origins Vol.1

Ace Frehley - Origins Vol.1 (2016) eOne Music
Produced by Ace Frehley / Warren Huart
Tracks : 1.White room 2.Street fighting man 3.Spanish castle magic 4.Fire and water 5.Emerald 6.Bring it on home 7.Wild thing 8.Parasite 9.Magic carpet ride 10.Cold gin 11.Till the end of time 12.Rock and roll hell
4 out of 5

Ace Frehley is one of the true guitar heroes on this planet or well, he´s not really from our planet since he´s from outer space. That´s what I thought when I was a child, looking at all those Kiss posters hanging on my wall while diggin´ to Kiss Alive in my boy room.
Finally we get to hear Ace play on "Rock and roll hell" from "Creatures of the night", the Kiss album he was credited but didn´t appear on.
This song is taken from his first covers album where he takes on classic songs by Cream, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Steppenwolf, The Kinks, The Troggs and two songs he wrote in Kiss but wasn´t the lead singer on the original versions.
The first song Ace sang lead vocals on with Kiss was "Shock me" from "Love gun" (1977), so there are more songs waiting in line that were penned by Ace if he considers doing "Origins Vol.2".
"Parasite" and "Cold gin" in 2016 with Ace feels so vital and fresh, his guitarplaying reminds me of the early days when I wanted to be a rockstar just like the spaceman.
I would love to hear Mr.Frehley do "Getaway" from "Dressed to kill", "Strange ways" from "Hotter than hell" or "Flaming youth" from "Destroyer". We´ll see what happens down the road.......
"Origins Vol.1" features guest appearances from Paul Stanley, Slash, John 5 (Marilyn Manson), Lita Ford and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), so I can mention many reasons why you should get a copy of this great album. Mostly because it rocks.
Highlights : Emerald, Parasite, White room, Cold gin, Rock and roll hell
Recommended if you like Kiss, Ted Nugent, Hollywood Vampires

Wild Sun gear up with Rigby EP

Rhode Island’s favorite alt-rock trio Wild Sun is gaining traction by leaps and bounds, as their collaborative effort for upcoming Elliott Smith Tribute Album titled “Say Yes”, ahead of its October 14, 2016 release date.
Wild Sun is not the kind of band to sit around and wait for an October release, however. Striking while the iron is hot, they premiere their brand new Rigby EP,  out today via American Laundromat Records!  A follow-up to their critically-acclaimed album Little Truths, released last September, the new EP is available now on all digital platforms.

Everlit see R.E.D

R.E.D is the brand new single from Philly hard rockers Everlit, check it out here.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Songs in rotation at Palace of Rock

David Cook - Broken windows, from his latest album Digital vein.

Dan Reed Network - Divided, from the forthcoming album Fight another day.

Tom Odell - Magnetised, from the forthcoming album Wrong Crowd, out June 10th.

Violet Days release new single Your Girl

Alternative pop artist Violet Days is about to create a buzz in Sweden, now she´s back with the brand new song Your Girl.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review : Filter - Crazy Eyes

Filter - Crazy Eyes (2016) Wind Up Records
Produced by Richard Patrick
Tracks : 1.Mother E 2.Nothing in my hands 3.Pride flag 4.The city of blinding riots 5.Take me to heaven 6.Welcome to the suck 7.Head of fire 8.Tremors 9.Kid blue from the short bus, drunk bunk 10.Your bullets 11.Under the tongue 12.(Can´t she see) Head of fire Part 2
3 out of 5

I can´t say I was too impressed by the first two songs "Take me to heaven" and "Mother E" from Filter´s 7th studio album "Crazy eyes" before I heard the entire album.
I got my copy of the CD yesterday and it´s been on rotation since, and with a better point of view of the complete record I must say that it´s way better than I expected.
Bandleader Richard Patrick sounds as furious as a hungry Grizzly on these new tracks where the music goes in the same vein as the first album "Short bus", this neue industrial affair feels like putting your head in a pressure cooker.
I do prefer the Filter records from "Title of record" and forward so it will take me some time to be friends with "Crazy eyes", but I´m starting to like it.
Richard has been working with plenty of great guitarists throughout his career such as Brian Liesegang (Short Bus, 1995), Geno Lenardo (Title of record, 1999 and The Amalgamut, 2002), John 5 (Anthems for the damned, 2008), Mitchell Marlow (The trouble with angels, 2010), Jonathan Radtke (The sun comes out tonight, 2013) and now Aussie citizen Oumi Kapila on "Crazy eyes".
Highlights : Nothing in my hands, Welcome to the suck
Recommended if you like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Joakim Thåström

Candlebox post official Vexatious video

Candlebox´s new album Disappearing in airports drops this week on April 22nd, watch the official video of Vexatious.

What doesn´t kill OVTLIER

OVTLIER is a rock project hailing from New York. Fuzing elements of Rock and Metal. Formerly known as "Young Bloods"charting the 2011 Billboard Heatseeker top 50. Starting at 45 and after two months, capping off at #16. As well as charting in every region, topping at #1 in the North East. Shortly after, they went back into the studio and came out with a new name, new face and new sound.
Their new album What Doesn´t Kill You is out now.

Headspace, the 2nd album from Issues, out in May

Headspace is the sophomore album from Issues, set to be released May 20th.
Check out the new single COMA here.

Download all songs with Forét De Vin for free for a limited time

At 10 o'clock TODAY 20/4 2016 (Swedish time UTC+1) all Foret De Vin´s songs on Soundcloud will be downloadable for 24 hours!
Go here.