Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Active rock time with Hollow Point Heroes and their new single

For some people HOLLOW POINT HEROES is a voice speaking an anthem of truth and dignity. From the time the band was formed they have been a mass producing factory of soul driven guitar riffs accompanied by powerful rhythmic bass lines, heart felt lyrics and metal punk driven drum patterns. Although, the four brothers that make up the group haven't always known they were destined to play music together and accomplish great things.

H.P.H. is not only a band, but a brotherhood standing four strong trying to be heard in this extremely loud world. Their work ethic is unlike any other and their faith in music can never be broken. From drug addiction to broken hearts their songs touch many. Hollow Point Heroes is a standing testament to the people that when staring into even the darkest of times, hard work, dedication and staying true to yourself will always prevail. Follow your dreams, you only live once.
Listen to their new single Control Me on Spotify.

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