Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New extended version of Sweet´s Strung Up available in May

When the double-LP Strung Up was published in 1975 by RCA Records for the first time, was from a LIVE record and a BEST OF LP-existing double a sensation and a corresponding chart success.The live recordings are from the acclaimed '73 Christmas show of the London Club THE RAINBOW and had been looking for among fans.  

RCA puts out this legendary album 2016 - now finally for the first time officially as CD Edition - again. Here is the original tracklist with some extra bonus tracks that make Strung UP New Extended Edition in 2016 to an even better experience.

Released on May 6th. 

       1. Hell Raiser (Strung Up Live Edit)
       2. Burning/Someone Else Will (Live)
  3. Rock'n Roll Disgrace (Live)
  4. Need A Lot Of Loving (Live)
  5. The Ballroom Blitz (Live Bonustrack)
  6. Blockbuster (Live Bonustrack)
  7. Done Me Wrong All Right (Live)
  8. You're Not Wrong for Loving Me (Live)
  9. The Man With The Golden Arm (Live)
  10. Teenage Rampage (Live)
       1. Action (Strung Up Mix)
       2. Fox On The Run
  3. The Lies In Your Eyes (Bonustrack)
  4. Fever Of Love (Bonustrack)
  5. Set Me Free
  6. Miss Demeanor
  7. The Ballroom Blitz
  8. Teenage Rampage (Bonustrack)
  9. Burn On The Flame
  10. Solid Gold Brass
  11. The Six Teens
  12. I Wanna Be Committed (Full Length)
  13. Blockbuster
  14. Hell Raiser (Bonustrack)

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