Monday, April 18, 2016

Quick Bits : Pryti, The Dowling Poole, The Fever The Focus

Pryti - Tales of a melancholic (2015) A dark and romantic ride
Imagine if you mix The Cranberries, Hole and Kent, then you´re close to the sound of Birmingham, U.K based artist Pryti´s album "Tales of a melancholic".
We´re talking a grungy and hard rocking affair where Pryti has taken inspiration from artists like Deftones, Sarah McLachlan, Lacuna Coil and Lana Del Rey.
There´s a lot of power in a song like "Angst" while the single "Bitter pill" shows a more beautiful side to the melancholic rock of Pryti´s first full length album.
Put on those big headphones to get maximum effect from listening to this 10 track album, with a strong debut like this one I am really looking forward to the next release.
A force of rock to be reckoned with.
(+) I got hooked right away from the very first seconds.
(-) Too bad it´s the same tempo in the major part of the album.

The Dowling Poole - One Hyde Park (2016) The second coming
"One Hyde Park" is the 2nd album from multi-instrumentalists Willie Dowling (Jackdaw4) and Jon Poole (ex.Cardiacs), heavily influenced by bands like XTC, The Beatles and 10cc.
This is a real treat if you´re a fan of classic 70´s pop, although you should expect traces of 60´s pop and 90´s Britrock in their music too.
The song "Fight fight fight" reminds a bit of The Beach Boys meets The Monkees, catchy bubblegum pop but they are far more entertaining in "Vox pops" that sounds like something Jellyfish could´ve recorded.
What if Godley and Creme and Blur collaborated, then the result would probably end up like the song "Adam and Eve". So charming.
Also available : "Bleak strategies" LP from 2014.
(+) The perfect "American teeth" is artpop deluxe for the flower power generation.
(-) I´m not all that comfortable with their bandname, it sounds like sports.

The Fever The Focus - Fading lights (2016) Rising from the ashes of Elliot Minor
Remember the brilliant British pomp pop band Elliot Minor? They released 2 awesome albums in "Elliot Minor" (2008) and "Solaris" (2009) but unfortunately the band isn´t around anylonger. However the two main songwriters Alex Davies and Ed Minton have formed the new band The Fever The Focus, there are traces from their previous band but mainly, these 5 new tracks are more into a traditional piano driven pop / rock style.
All instruments and lead vocals are handled by Alex Davies and Ed Minton, they have chosen "Hurricane" as the lead track of the EP which comes as an acoustic version at the end.
I think there are moments in "Hurricane" that bring thoughts to artrock band Everything Everything, very cool indeed.
The more laid back "I´ll wait" sounds like Ronan Keating meets Elton John, perhaps the next choice for a music video?
(+) It´s good to have these lads back making good music.
(-) I miss the symphonic pop of EM and the production could´ve been a bit bigger.

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