Saturday, April 2, 2016

Quick Bits : Shiraz Lane, Drive She Said, The Defiants

Shiraz Lane - For crying out loud (2016) 1988 called and wanted it´s sound back
5 young guys from Finland that shares the same love for 80´s glam metal, think sunset strip, lots of hair and scarfs and you´re in the same year as Shiraz Lane.
If you get all wild and crazy over a Skid Row meets The Darkness-like sound, you really should spend that buck on their debut album instead of having a beer at the pub, or why not have both.
Lead singer Hannes Kett goes high-pitch a lot and would probably do a great job in replacing Justin Hawkins in The Darkness, but he wouldn´t last a minute in Heaven and Hell. We´re not talking power here.
"For crying out loud" is a solid album where the groovy "Momma´s boy" is a fave, did someone say "It´s only money" by Thin Lizzy?
(+) This album will take em to Sweden Rock Festival next year.
(-) The digitalized production doesn´t go hand in hand with the music.

Drive She Said - Pedal to the metal (2016) So you think AOR is dead, I beg to differ
It only took a few rehearsals and one live show with Mark Mangold´s former band Touch (well, at least half the original line up) at the 2014´s Firefest, to get him back on track to work on a new Drive She Said LP.
Mangold and his partner in crime, Al Fritsch went on a hiatus after the 4th Drive She Said record "Real life" in 2003 but now they´re back and sounding better than ever.
I can´t say I was too much of a fan of their first albums except the debut from 1989 which is a good one, but the new album is pink and fluffy AOR the way I like it.
Mangold has written some of his best songs on "Pedal to the metal" since Touch and Fritsch´s vocal-performance is spot on.
We even get disco-AOR in songs like "IM the nyte" and "Lost in you", a genre that pretty much vanished into thin air after 1989.
And how about the A-team of backing voices : Peppy Castro (Balance), Goran Edman (Kharma), Thomas Vikstrom (Talk of The Town), Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Chandler Mogel (Outloud).
(+) I love the artwork, a perfect match to the keyboard-oriented AOR of this album.
(-) It just makes me sad that more people listens to rap-crap than melodic rock these days.

The Defiants - The Defiants (2016) Stairway to melodic heaven
The return of the 2003´s line up of Danger Danger, but now called The Defiants. Let´s welcome the comeback of Paul Laine - Lead Vocals, Bruno Ravel - Bass/Keyboards and Rob Marcello - Guitars and a package of first class melodic hard rock.
The Defiants will make your days a lot easier to get through if you love albums like "Feeding off the mojo" by Nightranger, "In the heart of the young" by Winger, "Time to burn" by Giant and "Cockroach" by Danger Danger.
Marcello is pulling off some serious shredding and Laine deliver choruses any melodic rock band would die for, all the woah-woah´s and na-na-na-na´s are there of course.
Here´s your next addition for a perfect Monster of Rock cruise.
(+) The crystal clear production is a wetdream for fans of Mike Slamer´s work.
(-) Yeah, a big minus if this turns out to be a one-album-band. Let´s hope not.

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