Friday, April 1, 2016

Quick Bits : A Story Told, Gears, Scar Of The Sun

A Story Told - Keep watch (2016) Sailing the seas of mainstream popularity
I would be very surprised if you wouldn´t find albums with The Good Charlotte and Angels and Airwaves in the music library of the bandmembers in West Virginia based A Story Told.
They blend pop punk and modern rock on their 3rd release "Keep watch" which is a competent album for fans of Quietdrive and Faber Drive.
The really strong "Cold blooded" stands out so it was a perfect choice of a single, also thumbs up for "Material drive by",another nice song that grows on me for each time I hear it.
There are some good songs on this 10 track album but they´re hardly unique so I´m afraid they might be a bit invisible on a pop punk collection with plenty of other well known acts.
(+) Well worth the money if you find it in the mid price stock.
(-) I can´t get away from the "easy-come-easy-go" factor.

Gears - Pride comes before the fall (2016) Keep ´em macho riffs coming!
Time for some heavy rock in the same vein as Sevendust, Dropbox and Alter Bridge. The Miami, Florida based quartet Gears is led by powerhouse singer Trip 6 and they collaborated with Corey Lowery (Stereomud, Dark New Day) on their sophomore EP "Pride comes before the fall".
The first EP "Set in motion" from 2014 featured Eli Parker (Endo) on guitar but the current line up is Trip 6 - Vocals, Ethan Vega - Guitar, Chris Dorame - Bass and Jimmy Wooten (Skinmask) - Drums.
I just totally love this XL sixed rock machine that knows how to pull off some serious thundering rock in songs like "Take away", "Rise with me" and even a more passionate ballad in "Live for today".
(+) Play it loud to get maximum effect.
(-) With loudness comes tinnitus so beware.

Scar Of The Sun - In Flood (2016) Metal from the land of ancient gods
It´s been 5 years since Scar of The Sun´s debut "A series of unfortunate concurrencies", the Athens, Greece based band released a really strong prog/power metal album so expectations are high when they follow up with "In flood".
There are still elements of progressive metal on the new album but it´s more of a modern metal affair that bring thoughts to Evergrey, Superior and Stone The Crow.
"In flood" is produced by Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost) who also worked with the band on their first album, the production is massive and perfect for the band´s sound.
This is without doubt an equally strong album as the 2011 record so fans can relax, I was surprised and happy to hear a very cool cover of Depeche Mode´s "Walking in my shoes" with Def Leppard-ish guitars.
(+) There are no fillers in sight.
(-) Why this band isn´t more famous is a mystery.

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