Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quickbits : Candlebox, The Lowest Pair x 2

Candlebox - Disappearing in airports (2016) If it´s not broke, don´t fix it
Frontman Kevin Martin is the only original member left since the band was formed in 1990, his former bandpals Peter Klett and Scott Mercado moved on to form the new band Lotus Crush that released a really good album in "Rabbit hole".
But Kevin doesn´t have to depend on his former bandpals to make a good record, he has proven this on all the side projects The Gracious Few, Le Project and The Hiwatts.
Candlebox´s 6th studio album "Disappearing in airports" is filled with basic rock´n´roll, the music is both timeless and contemporary. You could say it´s a traditional Candlebox album.
The opening track "Only because of you" is a typical late 90´s modern rock ballad, a very nice song that is followed by the lead track of the album, "Vexatious".
Sure it´s a good rock song but it´s hardly the best track on the new album.
I prefer the strong "I want it back" or the beautiful "Only because of you", not to mention the Foo Fighters-like "The bridge" which is also really cool.
(+) This is rock and roll medicine for your soul.
(-) It´s peculiar that they picked "Vexatious" as a single.

The Lowest Pair - Uncertain as it is uneven (2016) Put away your smartphone and enjoy real life
Do you love that feeling of walking barefoot on the grass or just sit silently by the lake and listen to the symphony of a flock of seagulls, it´s the simple things in life that makes up for quality time.
If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for these occasions, then let me present The Lowest Pair.
TLP is an alternative folk rock duo featuring Kendl Winter and Palmer T.Lee, both on banjo, vocals and some harmonica. They deliver a blend of bluegrass, country and folk.
The duo had planned of releasing a new record in spring but the creative songwriting process led to enough songs to release two cd´s, where "Uncertain as it is uneven" stays the course of their previous releases, being focused on stripped down and intimate arrangements.
It´s a very comfortable album.
(+) Slow music that will make the listener step out from living in the fast lane for a moment.
(-) Don´t judge the album by it´s cover, this one´s looks like it´s a handmade cloth by someone´s grandma.

The Lowest Pair - Fern girl and ice man (2016) In the spirit of Page and Plant
This album is a more moody and adventurous exploration of new sounds and what it might sound like for The Lowest Pair to be supported by a full band.
And I must say that I do prefer "Fern girl and ice man" over "Uncertain as it is uneven" because it appeals more to the rocker in me and there are moments on "Fern girl and ice man" that could be featured in the award winning drama film "Winter´s Bone" from 2010.
Just close your eyes while listening to this album and you´re right there next to Ree Dolly (played by Jennifer Lawrence) in the movie.
"The river will" sounds like an unreleased song from Led Zeppelin´s IV if it was performed by Lindsay Buckingham, oh man, this is a totally awesome album opener.
Another song that bring thoughts to Led Zeppelin´s more folky side is "Waiting for the taker", I really can hear Plant and Page in this great song.
If "Uncertain as it is uneven" gives you a touch of summer, then "Fern girl and ice man" gives you a touch of fall.
(+) It´s amazing how music can be both dark and colorful at the same time.
(-) A few more tracks with drums wouldn´t hurt.

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