Friday, April 22, 2016

Review : Ace Frehley - Origins Vol.1

Ace Frehley - Origins Vol.1 (2016) eOne Music
Produced by Ace Frehley / Warren Huart
Tracks : 1.White room 2.Street fighting man 3.Spanish castle magic 4.Fire and water 5.Emerald 6.Bring it on home 7.Wild thing 8.Parasite 9.Magic carpet ride 10.Cold gin 11.Till the end of time 12.Rock and roll hell
4 out of 5

Ace Frehley is one of the true guitar heroes on this planet or well, he´s not really from our planet since he´s from outer space. That´s what I thought when I was a child, looking at all those Kiss posters hanging on my wall while diggin´ to Kiss Alive in my boy room.
Finally we get to hear Ace play on "Rock and roll hell" from "Creatures of the night", the Kiss album he was credited but didn´t appear on.
This song is taken from his first covers album where he takes on classic songs by Cream, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Steppenwolf, The Kinks, The Troggs and two songs he wrote in Kiss but wasn´t the lead singer on the original versions.
The first song Ace sang lead vocals on with Kiss was "Shock me" from "Love gun" (1977), so there are more songs waiting in line that were penned by Ace if he considers doing "Origins Vol.2".
"Parasite" and "Cold gin" in 2016 with Ace feels so vital and fresh, his guitarplaying reminds me of the early days when I wanted to be a rockstar just like the spaceman.
I would love to hear Mr.Frehley do "Getaway" from "Dressed to kill", "Strange ways" from "Hotter than hell" or "Flaming youth" from "Destroyer". We´ll see what happens down the road.......
"Origins Vol.1" features guest appearances from Paul Stanley, Slash, John 5 (Marilyn Manson), Lita Ford and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), so I can mention many reasons why you should get a copy of this great album. Mostly because it rocks.
Highlights : Emerald, Parasite, White room, Cold gin, Rock and roll hell
Recommended if you like Kiss, Ted Nugent, Hollywood Vampires

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