Monday, April 11, 2016

Review : Babymetal - Metal resistance

Babymetal - Metal resistance (2016) earMUSIC
Produced by Kobametal
Tracks : 1.Road of resistance 2.Karate 3.Awadama fever 4.Yava! 5.Amore 6.Meta Taro 7.From dusk til dawn 8.GJ! 9.Sis. Anger 10.No rain, no rainbow 11.Tales of the destinies 12.The one
5 out of 5

For 2 years I stayed away from listening to this Japanese phenomenon called Babymetal, their 2014 hit "Gimme chocolate" was spreading like wildfire around the world but I didn´t care.
Like so many others, I had my preconceived view and prejudice against what I thought was "Smurfs goes metal" and could only laugh about the hype.
But then I read articles from some of the biggest rock magazines calling them the future of rock while the haters call them posers and fakes, but one thing for sure, the world has never seen anything like this before.
Why you ask? Well, Babymetal is not something that will go away. They are breaking new ground with their music, the new album "Metal Resistance" will revolutionize the music business just as much as punk rock in 1977 and grunge in 1991.
This is so special, 3 girls dressing like manga characters singing J-pop melodies, backed up by The Kami Band. A super heavy band playing so distinct and impressively fast.
Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto, age 18) - Lead Vocals, YoiMetal (Yui Mizuno, age 16) - Scream, dance, MoaMetal (Moa Kikuchi, age 16) - Scream, dance are already stars but they are about to become superstars.
Highlights : Karate, Meta Taro, The One, GJ!
Recommended if you like someting different.

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