Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review : Filter - Crazy Eyes

Filter - Crazy Eyes (2016) Wind Up Records
Produced by Richard Patrick
Tracks : 1.Mother E 2.Nothing in my hands 3.Pride flag 4.The city of blinding riots 5.Take me to heaven 6.Welcome to the suck 7.Head of fire 8.Tremors 9.Kid blue from the short bus, drunk bunk 10.Your bullets 11.Under the tongue 12.(Can´t she see) Head of fire Part 2
3 out of 5

I can´t say I was too impressed by the first two songs "Take me to heaven" and "Mother E" from Filter´s 7th studio album "Crazy eyes" before I heard the entire album.
I got my copy of the CD yesterday and it´s been on rotation since, and with a better point of view of the complete record I must say that it´s way better than I expected.
Bandleader Richard Patrick sounds as furious as a hungry Grizzly on these new tracks where the music goes in the same vein as the first album "Short bus", this neue industrial affair feels like putting your head in a pressure cooker.
I do prefer the Filter records from "Title of record" and forward so it will take me some time to be friends with "Crazy eyes", but I´m starting to like it.
Richard has been working with plenty of great guitarists throughout his career such as Brian Liesegang (Short Bus, 1995), Geno Lenardo (Title of record, 1999 and The Amalgamut, 2002), John 5 (Anthems for the damned, 2008), Mitchell Marlow (The trouble with angels, 2010), Jonathan Radtke (The sun comes out tonight, 2013) and now Aussie citizen Oumi Kapila on "Crazy eyes".
Highlights : Nothing in my hands, Welcome to the suck
Recommended if you like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Joakim Thåström

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