Friday, April 8, 2016

Review : The Frances Desire - Persona

The Frances Desire - Persona (2016) Prime Collective
Produced by The Frances Desire
Tracks : 1.New fast low 2.Just a sound 3.Old 4.Bring it 5.Jealousy united 6.Sky 7.Dysfunk 8.Persona 9.The slip 10.Innuendo Part 1 11.Innuendo Part 2
4 out of 5

Wanna be entertained and have a full-time music experience that will take you to places you haven´t been before? Then the 4 piece rock band The Frances Desire from Copenhagen, Denmark will do the trick for ya.
One could easily believe we have a band with identity crisis here, the singer sounds like he could step in for Adam Ant in Adam and The Ants anytime, the band goes zic-zac between genres like space rock in the title track "Persona" and dark synth in "Jealousy united".
We get a dose of post-rock in "Bring it" and Scandinavian melancholy to max in the brilliant "The slip".
Their debut LP also have traces of grunge so are we dealing with a shattered album soundwise?
On the contrary, The Frances Desire holds it together like a gentleman leading the lady through a steady dance of flamenco.
Highlights : The slip, Just a sound, Jealousy united
Recommended if you like Mew, Failure, Khoma

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