Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review : Rick Dangerous and The Silkie Bantams - Thrust machine

Rick Dangerous and The Silkie Bantams - Thrust machine (2016) Independent
Produced by Daniel Antix
Tracks : 1.Thrust machine 2.Fucking Phil 3.Bruja 4.Powdered sugar 5.Red 6.There I go 7.The pinch
3 out of 5

When it comes to eating, more and more people prefer it raw and you see all those veggie-friendly restaurants popping up everywhere. Nothing bad about it.
But when it comes to music, it´s another thing, most people want it well done and overcooked. Just look at the mass produced pop 100% made in a computer. Nothing raw about it.
So that´s why I welcome Aussie rockers Rick Dangerous and The Silkie Bantams, their music is just as raw as you can imagine.
"Thrust machine" is the follow up to the self titled EP from 2014, if you take the energy of early AC/DC, blend it with the straight ahead rock of Danko Jones and spice it with 70´s punk a la Buzzcocks. You will get "Thrust machine".
I know I like it.
Highlights : Bruja, Fucking Phil, The pinch
Recommended if you like A, Hell Is For Heroes, Henry Rollins Band

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