Thursday, April 7, 2016

The 50 Best Albums of The 90´s No.1-10

So we have finally reached the final top 10 of the 50 best albums of the 90´s. I´m sure you are missing some of your favorite records here but this is Palace of Rock´s top 50.

1.Steve Perry-For the love of strange medicine 1994
2.Journey-Trial by fire 1996
3.T-Ride-T-Ride 1992
4.Rush-Counterparts 1993
5.Winger-In the heart of the young 1990
6.Petra-Beyond belief 1990
7.Kings X-Faith hope love 1990
8.The Storm-The Storm 1991
9.Bad English-Backlash 1991
10.Winger-Pull 1993

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