Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Best Albums of The 90´s No.21-30

Those who believe that the 90´s was all about grunge, shoegaze and numetal, with no great albums released in genres like prog, hard rock and AOR. Those people need to go back and re-discover some of these classics. Hell yeah!
Here are the best albums between 21-30.

21.Ozzy Osbourne-No more tears 1991
22.Kings X-Kings X 1992
23.Dream Theater-Images and words 1992
24.Dizzy Mizz Lizzy-Rotator 1996
25.Yes-Talk 1994
26.Harem Scarem-Mood swings 1993
27.Kiss-Revenge 1992
28.Love/Hate-Wasted in America 1992
29.Yes-Union 1991
30.Unruly Child-Unruly Child 1992

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