Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bleu - Living room concert

                                         (photo credit - Lars Skoglund)
Bleu - Living room concert, Uppsala, Sweden. May 7th

Summer came early to Sweden, there I was sitting at a pub just around noon in a small town called Enkoping and enjoying a pint in the warm summer sun.
It could be just like any ordinary day but this day was a bit different, in a few hours I would be standing in a small apartment in the city university of Uppsala, listening to Bleu.
Quite unreal I must say, now who is Bleu you might wonder? Well, we take it directly from one of his lyrics “he was born in Green Bay, raised up in VA, now he lives in L.A but if you ask him where he´s from – Boston”.

Super-Bleu as I like to call him, came to Sweden without sideburns, this guy had such lovely sideburns but he shaved them off. But thank god, it wouldn´t affect his 1 hour performance in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd.
He gave us an intimate show with just an acoustic guitar, a mic and a few loops from time to time where we could singalong to songs like “3´s a charm” from the Redhead album and “Singin´ in tongues” from Four.
How can you not love Bleu? He sings from his heart and is a brilliant songsmith, this wonderful evening might have been too hot to handle in a living room for a few people that went outside and started talking instead. Well, it didn´t seem to bother the artist who just said –Don´t mind me, and then he continued playing songs like “I have to have you” and “It´s not over” from his latest album To Hell With You.
The setlist also included “Somebody else” from the Spiderman Soundtrack, “How blue” from Four, “Come ´n go”, “No such thing as love” and “What now” from A Watched Pot and last but not least, “Searching for the satellites” from Redhead.
Someone shouted –Play Boston! But Bleu insisted, -No requests, let´s party instead.
How can you not love Bleu?

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