Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review : A.C.T - Trifles and pandemonium

A.C.T - Trifles and pandemonium (2016) Independent
Produced by A.C.T
Tracks : 1.The end 2.Everything´s falling 3.Abandoned world 4.The wandering 5.Waltz with mother nature 6.Take it easy 7.A supposed tour 8.Svetlana 9.Wailings from a building 10.Mr.Landlord 11.Dance of Mr.Grumble 12.Manipulator 13.Joanna 14.Call in dead 15.A wound that won´t heal 16.A mother´s love 17.Manager´s wish 18.A truly gifted man
3,5 out of 5

A.C.T is a great band, they´re definitely in the top division of progrock bands from Sweden that should be selling more records than they are.
Their new double CD/DVD "Trifles and pandemonium" is recorded live in an empty warehouse in June, 2014. Featuring 18 songs choosed by the fans and in a democratic way where 3 songs are taken from each of the first 4 albums plus as much as 5 songs from their latest studio album "Circus pandemonium".
This is like a best of compilation but not with the same fine production as their studio work and I do miss a screaming audience since it´s a live album, but their performance is flawless and the songs are truly wonderful so it´s hard to actually criticize this album.
I only have the CD but I bet the DVD is much more fun to watch.
Highlights : A supposed tour, Dance of Mr.Grumble, A truly gifted man
Recommended if you like Saga, It Bites, MoeTar

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