Friday, May 20, 2016

Review : Drown This City - False Idols

Drown This City - False Idols (2016) MGM Distribution
Produced by Drown This City
Tracks : 1.We are not dead 2.The edge 3.Idols 4.I´m not divided 5.Empire
3 out of 5

Drown This City is a 5 piece band from Melbourne, Australia. Fronted by powerhouse Singer Alex Reade, she can handle both clean vocals and screamo just perfect.
This woman would find her place right away in any band from pop punk to deathmetal so I'm pretty sure she's going to get offers from other more famous bands.
The crossover metal of Drown This City's debut EP "False idols" sounds like a jetmotor that can break the sound barrier in no time, what a lovely blend of posthardcore, metal and dubstep this is.
Oh yeah, I like it!
Highlights : We are not dead, I´m not divided
Recommended if you like We Are The Catalyst, Crossfaith, Amaranthe

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