Friday, May 6, 2016

Review : Gravity Rain - Artifacts of Balance

Gravity Rain - Artifacts of Balance (2016) Independent
Produced by Danny Klaven
Tracks : 1.Ikameshii 2.Sunfire 3.Join 4.M.A.D 5.Dive 6.Gist 7.Chaeon 8.Let it hurt 9.Closer 10.Temple of haste
3,5 out of 5

Music can have many functions, it can be used as background music in shopping malls or to get the party going where the most important thing is to feel the rhythm.
But music can take you places too, it feels like you´re going somewhere on a journey but with an unknown destination. That´s the case with Gravity Rain´s debut full length "Artifacts of balance".
This is an album that you listen to from start to finish, it´s your ticket to a modern metal ride you don´t wanna miss.
Danny Klaven is the man behind this atmospheric metal record, based in Samara, Russia but with an international sound where he invites you to be the traveler through Arjen Lucassen-like songstructures but a little less progressive.
"Dive" is a very good song along with 9 other new and really strong tracks where the dark "Join" stand out as well as the pompous "Sunfire". Bravo!
Highlights : Sunfire, Dive, Join
Recommended if you like Devin Townsend, Symphony X, Threshold

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