Friday, May 20, 2016

Review : Lionize - The Voyage

Lionize - The Voyage (2016) Independent
Produced by Lionize
Tracks : 1.Anacostia 2.Cold Nelson 3.Underwater 4.Sleeping giants 5.Ultimate Narc 6.Take it to the road
2,5 out of 5

"The Voyage" is the 8th release and the follow up to 2015's "Alpha" from the Maryland based band Lionize, 4 guys who loves to play rock and roll with some blues and funk on the side.
This 6 track EP start real promising with the 70s rockers "Anacostia" and "Cold Nelson", but it gets a bit uneven from the reggae oriented "Underwater" and through the remaining songs.
It's a shame because I really think they had a great groove going on with the first two tracks.
A decent EP.
Highlights : Cold Nelson, Anacostia
Recommended if you like Thunder, Gamma, Gary Moore

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