Monday, May 23, 2016

Review : Osaka Punch - Voodoo love machine

Osaka Punch - Voodoo Love Machine (2016) Birds Rope Records
Produced by Osaka Punch
Tracks : 1.Theme to voodoo love machine 2.Eat red carpet 3.Actibreeze 4.Funky brother 5.Sex panther 6.Battleworm 7.Dancetown showdown 8.Muted woot 9.Electric jam on boogie 10.Livin the dream
3,5 out of 5

Welcome to the revival of the funk-o-metal carpet ride and I´m not talking about Electric Boys, oh no, this is the supercool band Osaka Punch from Brisbane, Australia.
These lads has created a crossover of funk, psychedelic rock and prog which makes their new LP "Voodoo love machine" a fun record to listen to.
They´re crazy, odd, groovy and smart. Osaka Punch is the pride parade of rock, oh yeah, they´re looking to be the cream of the crop of funk music.
Boring people should stay out of the way, there´s no room for bad attitute or negativity here. Join in and have some fun with a trip of artsy funkadelica.
Worth noticing is that the single "Stonk" available on Bandcamp, is not included on "Voodoo love machine". In case you want to hear more.......and you do.
Highlights : Actibreeze, Dancetown showdown
Recommended if you like Primus, Frank Zappa, Infectious Grooves

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