Saturday, May 21, 2016

Review : Staring Out The Sun - Dawn

Staring Out The Sun - Dawn (2016) True Records
Produced by Staring Out The Sun / Paul Blue
Tracks : 1.The calling 2.Hero 3.Fuzzy thinking 4.Lonestar 5.Versus 6.Kar?shi 7.Where are we? 8.The river 9.Panic stations 10.Time 11.Always 12.Roots
3 out of 5

Londoners Staring Out The Sun had a huge impact on me with their previous EP "Break the silence", the tracks are Hulk-strong so expectations were high when they announced the release of the new album "Dawn".
And there's no doubt it's a good album but I expected more, you can truly make a great EP out of these 12 tracks.
The song "Lonestar" bring thoughts to Alien Ant Farm which doesn't really suit the sound of SOTS, I prefer them in songs like The river and Hero.
You can't blame 'em for making lengthy songs, some are Ramones-short. Well, well, all good.
If you are new to this band, start with "Dawn" and continue with the EP, that should make a great introduction to SOTS.
Highlights : Hero, Where are we, The river
Recommended if you like Mallory Knox, Don Broco, Fort Hope

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